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Self-pres sixes

These are the most visibly anxious of all the sixes. With the self-pres instinct first, the natural anxiety of six gets focused on things related to material well-being. Sixes typically don't have faith in their own judgment. When the six is self-pres first, the lack of faith is in their own ability to take care of themselves. These are the types most inclined to try to attract supporters, using warmth and an engaging and harmless persona as a way of disarming others. However, self-pres sixes can be hypersensitive to any sign of rejection, becoming aloof and defensive if they feel rebuffed in any way.

Social sixes

Naranjo refers to this type as "prussian sixes." Prussian sixes are a very serious, rule-bound type of six that can resemble ones. However, the current trend among enneagram fans is to see the prussian six as any type of six that is sexual last. Therefore, prussian sixes can be either sp/so or so/sp. Social sixes in general tend to be inclined towards their community, often politically involved. There is a very strong idealist streak in the social six, much like there is with social ones and social fours. Due to their idealism, group orientation and mixture of phobic and counterphobic traits, social sixes are frequently attracted to causes such as feminism, animal rights and environmentalism. Through these causes, they find they can serve the community, but also get a sense of security through a clearly defined group with an equally clearly defined enemy to combat. Their sense of loyalty to their social group is quite pronounced, and they are generally well known for their commitment to the organizations of their choice. However, they can become threatened by outsiders and/or dissent, as these blur the lines between who is on what side and give a sense of social insecurity.

Sexual Sixes

The emphasis for the sexual six is on strength and beauty. In general, the sexual six wants to appear strong, powerful and attractive. Much of the literature describes this as conforming to gender roles, with males opting to seem powerful and females opting to fit the fashion magazine standard of beauty. I disagree with this. I think sexual sixes, in general, want to be both strong and attractive simultaneously regardless of gender, and rather than subscribing to societal norms of what this means, may actually be oriented towards a counterphobic rebellion against the authority of gender norms. For example, the female sexual six that is both a feminist and a dominatrix by trade could be one incidence of this. Her sense of security comes through seeing herself as attractive, but also strong, in a way that nonetheless rebels against the authority of gender norms. In general, there tends towards a strong anti-authoritarian stance but also a sense of security through the merging of strength and attractiveness. It should be noted that the drive towards a merging of strength and attractiveness, and defying the conventions of mainstream sexuality, is by no means limited to sixes. However, it gives a good picture of one of the many ways the sexual six motivations may manifest.


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I think I'd be 'sexual' as I can't relate very well to 'prussian' or 'self-pres', at all hehe
And I agree with what it said, because I don't conform to the the ideas of gender roles. But I can relate to the idea of wanting to appear strong and attractive, in general.
Can these switch, though?

I'm reading this page which goes more in depth:

It seems like I used to be a 'self-pres' while I'm more of a 'sexual' now.
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