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A scatter-brained and optimistic enthusiast
An intellectual entertainer
A sophisticated, fun-loving visionary
A combiner of ideas to create super-ideas

If there's anything I like to do, it's to make an impression
I want to do something you'll remember me by
If I lead the party, the event will be novel
The innovative and unusual is most exciting

But this need for excitement, it never goes away
In fact, when not satisfied, I begin to decay
I fill this excitement with artificial thrills
Like Adderall, cocaine, and other things that kill.

The hardest thing to do for me is to do nothing at all
To sit straight and stare only at a blank wall
To empty my mind and clear all my thoughts
This task is so painful, but that's why it's essential

For if we can learn to achieve the power of mindfulness
We will learn to always be satisfied in the present
And in this calm content satisfaction, we can achieve great things
Our visions are stunted by our escapade for nights in paradise

If we could only complete what we set out to do
We'd learn discipline.
We must learn to accept the present's limitations
Work within its range by using your imagination.

In the core of us all is a constant state of panic
An uneasiness that we can't quite understand.
That uneasiness is the void.
The void we must enter to escape our frenzied anxiety.

To make use of our abilities, we must integrate to 5.
Where we experience everything in depth
Where all observations contain meaning
Where every emotion is understood and properly handled.

Our style will always be spontaneous and grand.
We will avoid any pain like the Bubonic plague.
Pain, however, must be seen and focused upon
For an even distribution of body and mind.

We must develop gratitude.
Without gratitude we engage in gluttony.
It's best not to challenge a 7 with superiority,
Because they are quick to dismiss you with contempt if you do.

Keep the spark alive.
Watch it thrive.
Take a dive.
Feel the vibe.
The motto of a 7 is to enjoy the world. So do it.
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