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Let's get one thing straight, you hear?
I'm in control here, you got that you queer?
You think I'm not aware of my strength?
I bet you wouldn't even match my penis length.

What's that you say? A truly powerful man doesn't need to say it?
That is one strong point there.
It's not power that defines me, it's my unyielding ability to take personal initiative
I am blunt, impatient with stupidity, and unforgiving of betrayal.

I am a fighter at heart
Something I developed as a kid so I could defend myself against the world
I use this fighting spirit to fight injustice
I fight for the underdog at all costs

Weakness is sin.
But aggression is excessive.
My influence is strong, for I deny any flaws.
I see things in black and white, I don't care for middle ground bullshit.

Should I seek improvement, it would be to eliminate fear.
Fear of losing, fear of being weak, fear of being controlled, fear of people against me.
These fears are what fuel my ego defenses.
Underneath my defenses is a tender, giant-hearted teddy bear that I DON'T WANT YOU TO SEE.

I suppose I have caveman-esque tendencies
Seeing as how sex and fighting dominate a portion of my social interactions.
When I'm freed from fear for my well-being, I channel my passionate energy towards compassion.
But if I'm betrayed, my vengeful nature will be a very dangerous force to whomever I target.

I suggest you think twice before deciding to challenge me.
I live for challenges.
They fill me with a vigorous glow.
Because it allows me to destroy you.

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This certainly is obnoxiously wrong.

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@absylution two things: 1. "Queer" being used as an insult. 2. The presumption that all 8s are somehow men and concerned with masculinity (re: "truly powerful man"). Unless you're an idiot, you know why these things aren't okay. If you are, I'll spell it out: homophobia is bad. Sexism is also bad.

Appreciate that you tried and all, but this is just irritating and factually inaccurate. :dry: But thanks for playing into the stereotypes
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Hahhaha this shit is so bad I couldn't make to the end it made me laugh so much :laughing:
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