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Ugh. Can't I sleep for 5 for minutes?
Exhaustion eventually reaches its limit.
No, I'm not exactly tired. Sigh, how to explain.
I do not want to be affected by the environment.

I will slickly chameleon my way through social gatherings.
All it takes is fake smiles and noticing cues of incoming uproar and easing them away.
But sometimes I just tune out.
When I tune out, I am tuned. Out.

Me tuned out is a pure person.
A person existing.
A human being walking on Earth.
Me tuned out is not a very healthy way of life.

I want equilibrium with my work and relationships,
With my friendships and finances and the universe,
With myself and my other self
Er, nevermind that.

If I'm around you long enough, expect me to become you.
I am a floating spirit; an enigmatic reflection of my environment.
I am a mirror of the universe.
I seek balance and stability, peace and comfort, if I could I would be a Buddhist monk.

Do I repress anger? No, I don't.
Do I repress anger? No, I really don't.
Do I repress anger? NO.

And it can not be released because my value for harmony is in charge.
So my feelings are numbed, and my aggressions become unconscious.
The resistance of my aggression culminates to a resistance against reality.
If healthy, however, I am rather pleasant.

If only I could be rid of this anger.
Perhaps then I could grow.
Perhaps then I find peace.
And perhaps then I achieve true individuality.

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That's totally me. The only part I might correct is:

"If only I could be rid of this anger.
Perhaps then I could grow."

I feel I grow most when I feel like I can express all my emotions, including anger. And the sooner I express it, the more calm I will be when I do. It's better than it all boiling up inside because then when I do choose to express it, I explode. So I think for us to find inner peace and peace in our environment, it's better to express it and then we can also be our own individual person...which is more healthy for us. That's me though...other 9s may think differently.
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I like it haha! Thanks for taking the time :)

I don't think my repressed anger is that bad tho lol (although maybe that's just me denying it :rolleyes: )

What does the bit about 'with myself and my other self' mean? I don't understand

Also I agree with what @StaceofBass said too, but other than those things, nice little poem thing ;)
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