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INFJ, ENFJ, ENTJ or other?

I've taken the test quite a few times and each time i've got a different result. I'm not very experienced when it comes to typing others, so typing myself was a failure within itself :unsure: so if you could give me your input i would be very thankful. :proud:

  • I love being around people but i get bored very quickly if we're not doing very much.
  • I don't like conversations which have no depth.
  • I enjoy talking about the past and i'm sentimental.
  • I have principles and morals of my own and i refuse to negotiate them.
  • I can stay in for a long period of time without seeing other people.
  • I pretty much create illusions of what i want the world to be like because reality is boring!!
  • I love art and being creative.
  • I don't get on with people who i feel lack any common sense and/or integrity.
  • With those i'm closest to i'm very blunt, with people i've just met or barely know i come across as very laid back.
  • I plan everything in advance.
  • I tend to notice things about people that even their closest friends wouldn't.
  • I love psychology, i'm very interested in how people view the world and why.
  • I have a very dry sense of humour.
  • I feel like a massive contradiction!
  • I can get on with many different people. I've been told i'm a "people person" but don't that's really true, i'm just tolerable and shy haha
  • I like the fact i'm shy because i like the fact i can make even the most 'confident' person feel awkward, sorry.
  • I find it very easy to put myself in someone else's shoes.
  • I think i'm good at reading people.

I'm not so good with thinking of things to write about myself, but i tried if you need to know anything more please ask.:happy:

The last 3 times i took the test i got INFJ, ENFJ AND ENTJ :dry:

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Could you think about these questions and post your answer here? :happy:

1. When working on a project where do you place your emphasis? the process of putting it together? or the final product? (Do you experiment with your perspectives to create ideas? )

2. Are you a realist? Are you more of a no nonsense type of person? (I find these people like to call bullshit on everything)

3. Would you say you make decisions quickly? or do you take a while coming to a conclusion, because you hope you're not missing some vital information that will change your mind?

4. Do you ever experience nostalgia? For instance being able to completely remember a mood of a past experience/time?

5. Are you of the rebellious sort? The sort who rebels for no reason other than to rebel against authority?

6. When watching a film and critiquing it? Do you critique it based on details in the film, for instance on how you thought a certain portion of it was un-realistic (or something along those lines) or based on the idea or point they were trying to get across/how well they got it across? (It can be a combination of both sometimes too) (an example would be for example, critiquing Passion of the Christ, do you think the movies retarded because no one can live as long as he did with that much blood loss, or because of the fundamental errors the movie makes when trying to make its point, and the way it tries to connect the audience to that point?)

7. When debating with others, do you ever get the feeling or state for that matter, that you can see where your opponent is coming from? For instance I have gotten into arguments over things I honestly don't believe (or could care less if it were true), but it all started when someone would tell me about a certain topic and how this certain stance is stupid.Then I would say well, I can see why they'd think that or how it could be possible, then they'd start arguing with me as if I had a stake in it.... Do you feel you do anything like that?

8. Do you notice symbols in the world, do you ever try and wrap the symbol back to an idea that you believe?]

9. Are you hurt by criticisms? Do you get personally offended when people try and criticize you? or are you thick skinned?

10. Say for example your learning about cameras in school, would you be more inclined to go home right away and read a whole shit load on cameras so you feel confident in your knowledge of cameras? or would you feel perfectly comfortable when the teacher calls on people to come try it out, to just hop up there and start using it?

11. When you are out do you worry about how people will interpret any action you take? (sort of in a seinfeld sort of way, where they over analyze actions people make, trying to find their true motivation) Do you feel a sort of pressure from this?

12. In a classroom setting do you ever find yourself helping other people out with projects or homework when you see their struggling? Do you do this to make yourself feel more comfortable?

13. Do you find yourself ranting to your friends about how a certain something could have been done way easier? Or how someone went about doing something (anything like a project,work,etc.) was really stupid and you could have done it way better and in a more simple fashion?

14. how does your average day go in general,

15. what things do you value the most,

16. what things regularly bug you,

17. what do you value most in other people and what qualities do you find most repulsive in others,

18. how do you evaluate people in general,

19. how do you arrive at your decisions,

20. what factors are you most likely to pay attention to when deciding on things.

21. Any peculiarities that you have noticed about your personality?

22. Anything that makes you stand out from other people that you know?

23. What do you yourself think are your strengths and weaknesses?
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Will do:blushed:

1.) It really depends on the project. If I believe in it i put everything into it, i become almost fanatical with it. If I don't believe in it then i don't put much effort and i wouldn't really care about how it was done. But in either I'm really bad with details. I like to be creative though and put my personal touch on things.

2.) If need be then I'm very realistic and almost too blunt for my own good, that is generally when others are (what i feel) lacking in common sense.

3.) Yes, but then i tend to question my decision.

4.) Yes! All the time and friends and family are quite freaked out about how much i remember about when i was younger but thats only because they forget. As i've said, i love to reminisce :happy:

5.) According to my friends and family, I'm rebellious. But when i do things i don't think about other peoples view points, i do things because i feel like it. Also i don't like authority figures who demand respect, in my opinion if you haven't earned it then i'm not going to give it to you.

6.) I rarely watch movies, simply based on the fact i don't have a long enough attention span. The ones i've previously watched though i've just thought it's not real so why on earth do people not only spend money on this but actually get into it as much as they do.

7.) I indeed do that but if that doesn't work then i try to make a joke and move on.

8.) Nope

9.) I tend to act like i don't care but inside it really does bother me.

10.) That depends on whether or not i cared about it. Again, if it was something i was passionate about i would spend all night reading about it and taking notes until i'm happy i've got everything i need.

11.) I used to be like that because people always misinterpreted what i did but now i don't really care.

12.) Yeah, i don't do it to make me feel comfortable i do it to make them feel comfortable. I normally do it and then i feel uncomfortable because i feel that if i help one person then everyone else in that position will eventually want help. I don't mind helping though just as long as it doesn't take up too much of my time.

13.) No i just think they tried and that's what matters.

14.) My average day usually consists of not doing very much. I work, see my friends but we don't really go out to many places. One thing i have noticed is that i generally end up with strangers talking to me and alot of the time just open up to me. I get told that i smile alot and generally always seem in a good mood. I got told once that i have an amazing aura.

15.) I value my alone time the most. I like the fact i can just sink into my imagination and forget about the world :happy: i really value my family and true friends, those who love and except you for your good and bad points and know what to say to you to cheer you up when your'e having a bad day.

16.) The fact i live too much inside my head, i feel if i didn't i would have achieved so much more.

17.) Qualities i find repulsive in others are selfish, rude people who lack manners. Also people who clearly have so much more to them but are too influenced by others so end up not doing things they actually care about, that actually really bugs me alot. I value integrity and people who are aware you can't treat everyone the same because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses and it's about recognising them. I really value open minded people and those who are genuine and honest.

18.) There are alot of factors i evaluate people on, they are: what are they like in group situations? how are they towards people who are the opposite of them?, i look alot at body language and how they are by themselves and what my first impression of them was. I try to notice patterns and really try and work them out but i'm only like that if something doesn't quite feel right.

19.) I try and compromise what i think and how others might see it.

20.) Generally how it fits in with my principles and how much i care about it.

21.) I tend to do/say the opposite of others just on the basis that i try and make them see the other side of it. I think this is because i really care about people.

22.) I don't do things because they are the new fashion. I care about my principles. I'm actually alot more strong minded then i think i get credit for because someone who is strong minded wont let others influence their actions and i find most people are too influenced but are never targeted about it because of the fact they are really loud and outgoing whereas i'm quieter.

23.) My strengths : easy going, compassionate, principles, morals, imagination, the ability to understand others so well, helping people feel comfortable, i notice things other people don't, i'm genuine and i would never lie.

My weaknesses : can be stuck in my head abit too much, i find it hard to just take people and things for who/what they are, my tendency to space out, i'm not really present oriented, if something hasn't been planned it makes me wary.

Hopefully i've answered them well enough for you :proud:

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Thanks! Those are good answers. :happy:

Unfortunately, I'm not very good at judging S-types and I think you are one. I hope this helps anyway.

My feeling is that you are have strong Si and Fe, and you certainly seem like an introvert.

Just some examples...


4.) Yes! All the time and friends and family are quite freaked out about how much i remember about when i was younger but thats only because they forget. As i've said, i love to reminisce

19.) I try and compromise what i think and how others might see it.

16.) The fact i live too much inside my head, i feel if i didn't i would have achieved so much more.
Therefore, my suggestion would be that you look at descriptions of ISFJ to see if that could be a match. Also check out the ISFJ subforum and see if you relate to the threads there.

But, I might be totally off on you. I don't feel very confident about it. So, if I'm wrong, my apologies in advance...
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