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i think you are an ISFJ. i feel like your Si is very prominent. you also said that you prefer predictability & you tend to be mostly present because you never know what would happen in the future that's why you don't like planning, which might indicate inferior Ne.

you're also a 9, with very obvious 4 fix too. so i think your tritype fits, 947 it is. i think 9w1 fits you more compared to 9w8. 9w1 tends to be more idealistic and more self-critical, and would want to do things morally right. 9w8s are more assertive, and in the questionnaire you seem to please people a lot and prioritise others more.

for instinctual variants, I don't think you are an sp9. i think you are either an so9 or an sx9. you seem to want to belong and be united with everyone. for sx9... idk. do you merge with others' opinions, desires, and wants, then forget your own desires and prefer to go along with the people you are close with? or you might haven't found that person yet. i think sx9 > so9.
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