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Hey, so I've been wondering whether it's possible for some of you to get close (as in, obviously it is not going to be that accurate based on simple projections of text) to a person's type based on what they project themselves as in various text messages. Decided to try this out with my partner and picked out various pieces of text that resembled him, then got his permission to submit the texts, therefore I'd be glad if you would try to guess anything regarding his type- enneagram, socionics, cognitive functions etc., it would also be appreciated if you would describe why this certain paragraph felt like this to you etc.

A small thing to consider, he also tends to copy my style of speech sometimes (understandable since I've taught him how to speak English) so that's a thing to keep in mind. I wanted him to do a questionnaire and I will supposedly try to make him do so when the time's right.

So without further ado;

"You don't need to have a goal to have purpose in life xD

Also if You don't have a goal yet You'll find one later. A lot of people of Your age have no idea what to do with their lives.

For example Fatty didn't xD Or my dad... Or yeah... a lot of people xD

I've heard The Witcher 3 got like... some reward from the USA president after some time it was released, by the way

I think Borderlands would be a perfect sequel to The Walking dead


I understand

Also before we play WoW we're gonna deal with all of your problems so you are comfortable

WoW's soundtrack is long because it's usually an ambience music so it's supposed to be long and occassionally emersing or relaxing

Infact this one is exa tly that

Alena... The whole serious music fandom only focuses on music

Also that's why you dislike most of WoW music

Everytime you hear a human voice you expect that it has an actual Word meaning

,,You come up with an artistic problem and then you come up how to technically accomplish it." - George Lucas

,,You don't just invent technology and then forget what to do with it." - George Lucas

That's why You have to be idealistic

You can't accomplish anything without the vision the ideal

I want to use my time in an empty house the way I desire

First You need an ideal ! Then You need to figure out the rest Alena

See this is exactly what You lack


You don't freakin know what the hell to do

Because You don't have an ideal

Yeah...You know how to build a space station

But You don't want to

Because You don't have a ideal

I do want to build a space station

But I don't know how

Yeah I want Your name to be also an Ice Cream name

What else screams the word ,,POWER" more than having an ice cream with your name ?

Alena remind me of stealing a childhood chair at night for me today


Also I wanted to say I am watching LOTR extras and there's a guy who's like You

Those guys are so Ne

And no lifer

It makes me...

It gives me mixed feelings

It's wholesome but...

Yeah well still better to have control over it

Better to die at 100 by your hand

Than at 10 by....

I dunno

So yeah


Y'know nature is on everyone's side. And the one's who pick the better strategy will grow while others will adapt against their strategy

If we reach immortality nature will adapt


It will fix itself

Unless we destroy it, right ?

But as long as it has the option to grow, it finds a solution

I find optimistic when people admit there is a problem and go on solving it

Optimistic would be ,,Yes you can stop death."


,,Embraceee everythingggg you don't matter and it's awesome hahahahahah."4

Alena I don't want to watch annus

They're freaky

I dislike their faces also

Lucky bastards

I was forced to do piano

But I actually have no talent for piano

I can only memorize it

But like compose anything


Do You know that the more You hear the word, the more positive it uncounsciously gets ?

And what's wrong about it not being professional ?

But Alena I would have to do effort

That's a lot of waste of time

I just wanna have my homework done

Why is it this long ?

Isn't it supposed to be a simple answer ?

This is gorgeous, they're making Fun of MMO's and it gives me nostalgia for WoW xD

Yeah basically xD Maybe...that's what makes it so Awesome. They think that the gameplay is the most important thing about Borderlands so they feel no pressure about the characters and they story. So they just go to each guy working on it and ask ,,What is Your wisdom ?" ,,Trees don't care about nature, infact they're pretty bored." ,,That's a Good wisdom."

Actually yes

The same applies to their voice actors xD

Just to justify my absence. My head hurts from how little I slept and I went to sleep at 2 am. Imagine how I'd feel if I went to sleep at 3 am

Yeah but also support each other!

Y'know... Like Jing jang

Black'n White

Definitely differ but not distant!

Yeah I get it I think that too but Y'know I'd really love to have a little career somehow with you. And also you can go for your career but you Always need emotional support so don't forget to Come Back again. Y'know I'd really like to start a company and get it stolen by you or something. That would be Fun.

What arguments, It's general truth for I believe people are special

I never seem to get why people are complaining like this. In my case if I want to stop or start doing something I Just do it and usually loose interest cause it's not worth it in my case. But you Just complain about something that you are doing And you Just aren't willing to change it. Well Just fricking stop changing your artstyles then? Just have one you like the most? Is it for aestetics after all no? Or you can't decide which is more Beautiful? That means the one style strategy is not for aestetics and you have to decide if you want your art look Beautiful or the same

How are you doing, Alena?

That dream was also pretty weird

I felt like Leaving my family never to see them again And live only in an average big(featuring Orange walls) house full of your moms

Cause both of them are mostly useless

Alena !

I wanna do art

So much

But I am so lazy xD

I don't want to be a stoy

I want to make a story



So... where was I ?

You see people aren't really Good at everything. Especially talented+smart people are genius for one thing but average at Best at the other things.
Some people are completely fucked up in one thing but Good at the other thing
You're Good at one thing and average at other things

I still remember how people laughed at me at the bus station xD

It was minor

We were climbing a literal hill

To Ještěd

We almost fell !

It was Great !

We walked the whole day up

And then when the night was coming we went the same way down

It was hard

It was exhausting

But it was Great

I can ! If I'll put the phone on the ground and not read anymore and I'll come back exactly when they'll say. But sure write ! I'll read it !

I'm glad You had so much Fun today

And in so many different ways in one day


So I have to go

Hey you're not home yet ?

I climbed a hill of wood and my OCD instinct told me that I should search for invisible fucking Awesome immortal person who could help me and so I did. I was looking for him and meanwhile I damaged the hill and almost fell down and heard mom talking I have found one stick that represented you and one rock little bit far on the top of the hill. I decided to touch Alena the stick and then I decided to take it with myself to the rock of resurrection and so I did. When I arrived to the rock I decided to take the rock but left you there because I thought you could be safe on such an iconic place in that story...but I was wrong...I remembered a stories where you are doing something for someone and by that you leave that someone behind and in the end so piece of shit gets your add and so I did the same thing again despite faster to iconically intensive the rage and killing spree outbursts in the story and took a shortcut. And I got to Alena the stick. I grabbed it and took it with the rock of resurrection that I was caring with me all the way and it was pretty hard and climbed down with my "pre-choosed" path. And so I carried it out by my previous ground path and was thinking about how this will end. I found out that it doesn't end here because I don't know how to fix that horrible mistake I've done. And so I added the resurrection rock onto gate made of rocks that was meant to be like society and hide Alena the stick into one place. And imagined me writing a letter where I'm pleasing a next hero to fix my mistake as an reward for finding the resurrection rock and then I went home.

I was watching a guy in rain that was doing something to his car. I thought he's some secret operation or something...And so I olmost climbed the roof to see more, but then I faund out that he's only cleaning that car
I just feel good for no reason...

Awesome ... I just realized that always when you answer some way that's actually perfect and mindblowing I am trying to continue at conversation being as fantasy but aaaaa... it never works

Now then alright. Will you need me to go forward to you ?

Me too ! Finally quiet here !

And StarWars and everything xD

Okay that's a Good idea xD Imma attempt to get You out someday for You xD Somehow, someday. Fresh aiiiiiiiir is important, darling !

And even though it doesn't signify too high hopes or anything, if I were You, I would go to school

I just wanted to say that You're very noticable xD

Yes, but only few episodes for I plan to play for a while xD

Okay, Alright xD If You don't wanna meet them then it's Fine but it would certainly help Your reputation, if anything. Also I am going to my class. So Y'know, it can't be really bad except for the virus

So ummm... Sorry I couldn't come because I was too tired to hear the alarm clock

°I had experienced something that I think is called panic attack

I went into dead zone in Subnautica




That was big

That waas fucking horrifying

We gotta figure out the walls

We have a Ton of walls

We can do anything xD



Maybe You could ask the Headmaster of our school if You could draw on the school's walls

They did it in one school

There is a baby yoda ?
Whereee ?

Well we could walk the forest we could try to record serious intro to the project we could try to photo some art as Zdenda tries to do we could...Do some...kind of boy typical stuff like...climbing shit and trees which i don't know if is good in your case. We could play some videogames since we have two computers and two notebooks we could learn ya drive a bike...I guess Zdenda would Like to help you with that maybe...Of course if there would be more bike to find. We could shoot some birds or not and... or we some...story shit xD

I'm doing Awesome! I was outside with a best friend...knowing that family and birthday celebration waits for me home. And will buy pizza! And seen my nostalgic shit......and find a new toy! Really complex, awesome toy! Climb up a mountain two by bus. And in city, where I could watch people and my Homeland and stuff. And finding kazoo...and.... Talking, running, playing somehow for a while xD And see an Awesome colorable post apocalyptic city with a lot of lights and stuff and just have a great time! And sorry for writing badly I got frozen fingers xD

I was with Zdenda on some sand.......mountain and he was telling me about his former girlfriend and as we was climbing up he look like he's drunk, his voice seemed too like that xD So it was Awesome! And the view from there was Fucking Awesome! And you're not bothering

Alena I would really appreciate if You'd go there so You don't cry on me later how old you are and how everyone disappeared

Girl this DLC this location...What the fuck ? There's this muscular guy screaming of explosions and still his DLC has the most emotional soundtrack. I love this DLC so much...Oh my WoW. Just how ? How do they make someone who Always screams look so soft ?? xDDD I've listened to his grandma's story about what he was like when he was growing up and ohhh it was long as hell but I listened it whole and my goshh whyyy ? It makes me feel weird emotions xD It's like tickling my heart.

I see... I don't understand what it is but Good Luck xD

I on the other hand am trying not to be stupid

Pretty chill
Lots of people yet chill


That you figured out that you do malervoan daydreaming doesn't mean you have an excuse not to sleep xD


The other way around

So go to sleep

I was in my room

And my phone was in the hall

And I kept playing minecraft

Yeah... well You usually get out of boredom by thinking and coming up with a question You want to have answered

As Fatty says make Your cons Your advantages

What's a peen ?

And I see

Well that's interesting xD

Okay...but how did You summon the rain ?


uH UH !

That's so smart of You !

I will do the same

The first exercise doesn't even have full questions or answers or sentences

It's bits by bits

Which don't make sense

And so that's exactly what happened to Borderlands. There is a ton of overthinking genius people and one stupid guy suffering from kruger's dunning effect who decided it would be a good idea to make a repetitive game. So he ruined it all. I am sure if one guy didn't work on Borderlands that game would be a delight and I wouldn't have to harvest the story from it

Hey Y'know how there are those lucky moments where there are these untalented people almost working on something that is Good and famous but in the end they didn't and You're just like ,,WoW that was close, they could've make it a disaster."?

So word Powerful... Yes it indeed means what You think it means

Alena We're meeting a misunderstanding here xD


I have no idea what that means

Anyway I guess I'll need You to provide NJ PS 24-25

Cause I lost it



Anyway Tom tried ignoring me but I said Hi to him

So I guess he felt Awkward

But I didn't xD

This looks pretty Good xD


None understands it

I just love the looks of the sand in Borderlands

I just want to be

Wandering in the cruel but Beautiful world

Being Neat yet miserable

Beyond all the bones learning about idealistic Jack


It's just so deep

It reminds me of my childhood so much

When a game reminds You of Your childhood it means it's Good and genius

Because Your feelings and creativity are most active in childhood

So when it reminds You of the Most Creative You ever got

It means they have creativity like a child

Which means it's a lot

Which means is the most Truest expression of that feeling since that childhood

Get it ?

Imma shut up xD



Nope I have a strong sense of personality

Despite having none

I know that's why I'm telling you that fantasy maters




They Come off dream worlds

I am not imitating you

I am just sticking to YOu

That's als o a sign of jealousy they say xD

I just took what You gave me

You were my teacher

You're making it pretty curious xD

Like highlighting it

with certain words

It's Awesome advertisement xD

Aww... Poor baby, don't you want to Come over?

Oh I see! Awesome!

I love when you own things!

I want you to have so many stuff

Big with your name on it!

I see

That still seems like an insecurity but ok

You know what's funny ?

Some stupid piece of dummy...Actually two of them eventually argued if Handsome Jack is a Hero or not

And that fucking dummy lost defending him

So I wrote the other dummy why the action he did was justified

And it went deep into his sociopathic nature

And that motherfucker didn't asnwer xD

So I imagined him singing about how he got betrayed and how he lost everything and imagined his face slowly saddening as if he were to cry but then he blocks all the emotions, plays the piano part and sing into it ,,Sometimes a man with nothing Good left to die for can live with nothing to loose." (But I edited it into something about a Hero, but I'm bad at making lyrics but this works too.)

I've realized that the reason I dislike most of the songs You send me is because it lacks contrasts

It's usually a beat that with a melody that doesn't change

Only different thing are the lyrics but still kinda expressed without contrast

It would need more dubstep

Okay look I get it. You feel uncertain, worried that this is the bad timeline. But look I can assure You that it's not, okay ? We won't let people stomping on You. It happened only once for fucks sake. And with the most naive person that being me. So don't worry it doesn't mean that it'll happen again. Also You didn't loose anything while giving so I don't get how You could fade. You're only rising so far. You're just unsure where to rise. But once You figure it out there's no problem getting it !

I see...

Welp what could we do in an indifferent mood ?

Would You want a drawing competetion ?

I love to be Your vessel. Alena You do matter to me because I know that if something in the universe is worthy then it's You

You're not traumatizing me. Stop having existencial crisis the world is too big for You not to matter in it.

You matter to me. Do I matter to You ?

Alena let me tell You something. None cares about the universe. None cares about rocks. Not even the universe itself. In the whole universe the only thing that will ever be cared for are people. Do You know why ? Because nothing else in the whole universe has the ability to care
but people

People are the only care in the universe

Well my parents aren't incompentent and still I am

Actually my dad tried to give me something to practice

Or make liking in

But I never did make liking in anything

That's what he was afraid of

He tried fixing it

But eh he kinda failed

But eventually...Now with the hole in my soul

I finally have a reason to live


Everytime You draw Your feelings I love it

Alena why don't You draw feelings ?

You remember the last time You drew feelings ?

I loved it

Draw feelings more !

Or don't

In case You don't want too much praise

Smart people feel stupid because everything's easy for them

Yeah xD

That means being smart

Stupid people feel smart cause they feel rewarded for figuring obvious things out

Oh my WoW

I love this soundtrack

It makes me feel so...sensitive xDDDD

The people who sleep a lot will be successful

One Day I will record you telling a story

And you will see by what I mean dynamic

When we compare it to thsi

If a man tells a profesional murderer to kill someone with a string of grass he will do it

Not with a gun but with a string of grass

Did You know that for me Tales from the Borderlands are like a dream

It's like so True to me

It matches my inner world so much

It's something I would before had a chance to see only in my dreams

I am just unable to come up with anything creative

After all I couldn't predict the ending of Tales from the Borderlands

Despite it being so right

Yeah I just copied it


Welp... Imma just st- BUT IT'S JUST NOT ENOUGH

Why everything I imagine already exists ?

And why does it exist in a state that does not satisfy me ?

I just want to make a story about how I felt on a vacation

Why do I have to be copying a story from a game while doing that ??

I am so stupid !


How Are You Alena ?

Why is my brain copying everything ? What am I even doing ?

Hey... What do You think of the idea of a hidden camera on myself to record all the Wonderful things happening to me and then... I dunno editing it into a long memory story ?

Whatever Your answer to this may be

Y'know I found out that I have no idea what am I doing

Like at all

I am completely lost

Just so You know xD

I am just copying people's dialogue

I see...
Well... Y'know talking in a uh
Meaningful way as I was now
Is pretty Fun but exhausting
But... Okay xD

You're the Best character I´'ve ever met !

I need it

I need the story



I am already overdosing on sugar

I am listening to a song over and over again xD

I just want to make it better (he's talking about an existing game). But I can't I don't have their voice actors. I can't draw comics. I can't make music. The only way is to begin from the beginning and make a ripoff

Well You can enjoy a different feel right ? Like ,,I dislike fantasy I want sci-fi." So You go play Skyforge MMO but Trust
me. If Skyforge would be made by Blizzard You would love it more than You could ever love it in the current state. What am I saying is that Blizzard's MMOs are the only ones Good. If You dislike it for what it is. Well too bad there's none better so You can keep on living with a void in Your soul other MMOs will create for they're incomplete and not Good at all.

I figured out what's draining me
That I am looking out of the window xD¨

Well and since I am obsessed with my inner world I will look through the gate and immediately recognize it and I will

want to go through it.

WoW !
Alena do You remember yesterday how You highered the audio on my PC so that We can hear it better ? xD

Now my audio is higher and songs more enjoyable !

Thank You, Alena !

That's much better methaphore than mine


None gives a fuck about Your English and You know it

So nah

Nah kidding xD"

Any responses made from looking at this article will be appreciated!

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I find optimistic when people admit there is a problem and go on solving it

Optimistic would be ,,Yes you can stop death."


,,Embraceee everythingggg you don't matter and it's awesome hahahahahah."4
That's kinda cool. So from what I've read, you're dating an ENFJ. He seems quite innately affiliated to your desires and to you as a person. Quite often, he seems to speak his analysis on things that aren't necessarily problems. This denotes Ti. From the quote above, he has an optimistic view on Se, which means that he is either an ESXP or ENXJ. But for now, I'll stick with my ENFJ judgment.

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That's kinda cool. So from what I've read, you're dating an ENFJ. He seems quite innately affiliated to your desires and to you as a person. Quite often, he seems to speak his analysis on things that aren't necessarily problems. This denotes Ti. From the quote above, he has an optimistic view on Se, which means that he is either an ESXP or ENXJ. But for now, I'll stick with my ENFJ judgment.
Once again, thank you for replying :D

Also that's funny, as he seems to have his mind set on being an ISFP, but obviously you can't deduct a person's type just from simple messages sent, so I'm glad for your input! I will definitely make him take a questionnaire though, that's for sure!

Edit: I do agree with Ti though, as he seems to always find problems where they're unnecesary. :p
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