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Twins can be so hard to type! Especially if they do a lot together, because they "rub off" on each other so much. Anyway, I've been trying to "type" my sisters-in-law, who are twins (well, acutally triplets, but the other triplet is male and was much more on his own than the two girls, so for the sake of this thread I will just say they're twins). I've been getting some input from my husband and mother-in-law, who have known them a whole lot longer than I have.

Anyway, on the surface, the things they appear to have in common:

They both have been into sports, playing softball in HS and college (it paid their tuition). They both run, ski, snowboard, water-ski, swim, etc.
They were both Valedictorians when they graduated from HS. Both very smart and super dedicated academically, pushing each other to do their best.
Both are multilingual.
They have both traveled extensively in their college years; they have been to Brazil, France, Italy, and Spain...
They both appear to be more extroverted (to me), however their own mother thinks they are really introverts. I can't say for certain which of us is right (maybe we both are).
They both seem to be Feelers more than Thinkers, particularly when they're together.

Twin C_ (I'm using the fist initials of their first names):

She is the academic one; Twin N_ would not have worked so hard academically had it not been for C_. C_ started out in college as a Biology major, but after traveling to Brazil and Europe and discovering her love for languages, she switched over to finally graduate as a Linguistics major. Last year, she married an ISTP (obvious ISTP). She gave birth to her first baby three months ago; when she first found out she was pregnant, she says she cried (and not happily); but now that the baby's here, she has proven to be a very dedicated mother, who has read and researched (Ne user, perhaps?) a lot to find the best "methods" for raising her baby. If either twin is a T rather than an F, it is probably her. She is certainly more logically oriented at times, and doesn't seem to have much respect for emotional people (like her triplet brother) who can't express themselves clearly and concisely enough (like the other day the brother was trying to explain himself and her response over and over was, "It doesn't matter."). While she works out regularly because she knows it's good for her, she has admitted that she doesn't particularly enjoy the more "extreme" sports she's done, like water-skiing (the whole time she's up, she says, all she can think about is how cold she is). If one of the twins is an Introvert, she is most likely it. I have observed on a couple of occasions when N_ had to "drag" C_ to a social function.

Twin N_:

Definitely a Sensor, I think. She thoroughly enjoys the thrill of water skiing, etc. She has even insisted on water skiing over ice-cold Glacier water in the rain. She is a visual artist, painting, pottery, photography. I'm not exactly certain of what she is majoring in, but I know it's something art-related. She is still single. She has this picture in her head of the "ideal man" and doesn't want to settle for anything less. She has rejected many a potential "suit" out-of-hand for some obvious flaw without even bothering to delve deeper. Even though I said it was C_ who was more likely to be a Thinking type, N_ sometimes actually appears to have a cooler head on her shoulders, being more in control emotionally when an emotional situation does crop up. If there is a "leader" in this duo, N_ is it. Of the two, she is more likely than C_ to be an Extrovert.

So, what do you all think? What are their most likely types?

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