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-likes to be around people but needs time alone to recharge
-doesn't open up easily
-rarely talks about problems
-will seem shy,cold and borin at first
-is mostly serious but can we extremely goofy,playful and funny with friends
-doesn't like conflict, mostly avoids it, sometimes will participate in conflicts and not back down
-is appropriate,polite,thoughtful (thinks of other people more than me - an ENTJ)
-doesn't like BS
-knows what his "duties and obligations" are and follows them strictly
-gets annoyed if someone doesn't care and avoids what he sees as "duties and obligations"
-can't show emotion well, is ready to mirror behaviour though but it looks fake
-is patient, doesn't like to be late, doesn't like to make others wait
-is surpsingly open minded for someone who seems so conservative
-is traditional
-doesn't get upset easily
-when angry will avoid situation to calm down
-is calm and seems chill most of the time
-would rather do something than discuss theories
-likes top gear, working out, video games, pop/house/trance music
-is straightforward and direct once he knows you
-has no problem with saying no and doesn't feel the need to be a crowd pleaser
-doesn't like to be the center of attention or at least mever seeks such situations
-is mostly quiet
-gets less like a robot when drunk - starts to sing and dance which is amazing coming from him
-doesn't give up easily
-doesn't like mind games that people play, likes things to be clear from begining to end
-good spatial awareness,great driver
-sour loser
-rarely will genuinly open up and say what really is on his mind
-very private
-most people like him
-not intimidating, non-confrontational but will get violent if provoked enough
-can conceal real thoughts and feelings very well
-would love to experience new things but is still very tied to familiar stuff
-gets used to things easily
-notices patterns fairly quickly
-feels uncomfortable with unpredictable stuff
-likes colors, has bright colored clothes (not parrot-y, just noticed how he has brightly colored outerwear - red,yellow,green,blue)
-self-identifies as a feeler but I wouldn't be so sure

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Very little to work with here. Too much focus on behavior and not enough on inner drive or motivation, but understand that when you don't know someone in depth, it's an easier drawback.

Based on this, probably a sensor, and probably Te/Fi on some axis, but I wouldn't rule out Ti dom. Probably an introvert. I'd say IxxP or ISTJ, and I lean towards the latter. That's likely wrong with such little to decipher and really work towards. Half of these traits could be universally applied.
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