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Simply state your boss or bosses type, your type, and explain how they coincide, your relationship, how you view them, ect.
Be sure you know your boss's type by accurate observation or otherwise and are not just guessing please.

I've recently changed jobs but I'll talk about both bosses.
My last manager was an INTJ. You don't often find INTJs in retail, but I convinced him to take a test and sure enough he is INTJ.

I'm INFP, so we weren't best buddies so to speak, but we did get along surprisingly well. (Maybe partly because my feeling and percieving preferences are the weakest.) I somewhat admire INTJs so I was very interested to find out he was one. Of course my feelings were frequently hurt when I did something wrong, because he wasn't likely to approach it sensitively. Although he was very considerate of feelings, more so than an average INTJ and I noticed he always made an effort to say things the right way and not get too upset when something wasn't done as what he thought to be correct.

My new boss, as the owner of a liquor store deli, is an ISFJ. I haven't typed her, but every sign points to this type. She tend to hold her thoughts back (so much that I actually had a difficult time being trained because she was never direct in what she wanted me to do), she speaks under her breath, she doesn't always feel the need to say goodbye when she leaves.

And let's be honest, SJ types are the easiest to spot, being that they have a need to control their environment. The same could be said for INTJs, but they control a bit differently than and SJ would. They are more concerned with precise and accurate facts, rather than the action going on around them.

I don't have many issues with her. Then again, I've only been working there about two months. The only problem is she keeps calling me Kristy. My name's not Kristy... I'd guess that has much to do with her Si.:laughing:

The biggest issues I have with both of these bosses is they want to control everything. I suppose that is a natural and essential trait for anyone in managment, but they need to know when to step down and let me figure things out myself as this is the way I learn best.

So let's have it! What are your experiences at work like in relation to type?
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Seriously. No one knows their boss's type or has any work related MBTI stories? How incredibly sad.

What Every Extroverted Employee Should Know About Introverts:
like quiet for concentration
care about their work and workplace
may have trouble communicating
may know more than they reveal
may seem quiet and aloof
need to be asked for their opinions and ideas (won't simply supply them)
like to work on long complex problems, and have good attention to detail
need to understand exactly why they are doing something
dislike intrusions and interruptions
need to think and reflect before speaking and acting
work alone contentedly
may be reluctant to delegate
prefer to stay in office or cubicle rather than socialize
do not like to draw attention to themselves
work well with little supervision
may have trouble remembering names and faces

What Every Introvert Employee Should Know About Extroverts:
network well and socialize with co-workers
keep trap of the company grapevine
respond quickly to requests and spring into action without much advance thinking
enjoy phone calls and see interruptions as welcome diversions
become impatient and bored when the work is slow or repetitive
develop ideas through interaction and discussion
are good at marketing themselves
like to physically move around a lot, prefer to be out and about
speak while they are thinking
have excellent verbal skills, enjoy verbal jousting, ask many questions
like to be part of the majority opinion and feel isolated without management support
appreciate and enjoy attention
are attracted to other extroverts

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I have a teacher who is IxTJ (most signs point toward Si/Te). I go to a school where there are a lot of younger Feeling types, and it's almost comical how many of his students gripe about his ways of teaching and doing things, and yet he proves quite an effective teacher in the long run - he prepares us well for national exams.

I've thought about pointing out to them the reasons why (I think) it's going on, but I don't know how fruitful it would be.

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I used to be in restaurant management, and I quickly discovered among my coworkers that I definitely did NOT fit the prototype of a manager. This was before I knew of MBTI. I went on to become the general manager (i.e. everybody's boss except the restaurant owner) and took the restaurant out of the red and into the black, which was great.

The one who trained me so well was my boss, the general manager of the first restaurant I worked at. I now believe he is an ESTP, which is funny because I usually want to murder ESTPs. Really. I think in his case, we happened to mesh well -- he was drawn to me because he found me attractive, yet different from most (Black) females he's run into (smart, nerdy, and introverted). He is Black as well, but he grew up in parts of New England and has lived in random places, including Puerto Rico, he has an eclectic background. I think that resonated with him since he probably considered himself considerably different from most Black people, as I have always felt (which makes a lot of sense now knowing I'm an INFP).

I just happened to show up in his restaurant for lunch while on break from the part-time job that I had after graduating from college. He gave me a free lunch, sat down with me while I ate, chatted me up, and offered me a job with no real interview, I thought he was kidding, but no he was serious. I quit the part-time and started working for him. He was something else on the job. Loud, grouchy, dominant Alpha male, overbearing sometimes, but I swear that man taught me everything I needed to know and he did it well. Best boss I ever had. We had our issues (he cussed me out a few times at work; another time I shoved him 'cause he made me mad and nearly knocked him down, although he's 6'3), but I respected him 'cause above anything else, he could admit when he was wrong and apologize for his faults. That fact alone made him golden in my book. He's a loud, annoying teddy bear.

NO, I never slept with him or anything (although I do think we went through our respective crush phases with each other while working together); he was married but was a workaholic and eventually got divorced when his wife cheated. I eventually married my college sweetheart and started having kids. But I always knew that he could make me angry like no one else, so I would definitely run the risk of being imprisoned for having stabbed him if we ever got together.....hence my need for distance from ESTPs. I now have a pastor who I figure is an ESTP, about 41 or 42 (10 years older than me), and he is very juvenile IMO, cocky, loud, impatient, no objectivity whatsoever, always wants attention. Just very high school. He rubs me the wrong way, and I know I have the same effect upon him, he is leery of me b/c I'm nerdy, slow to get to my point when talking, am not aware of my surroundings, and he tries to read into my nonverbals when it's a pretty inaccurate gauge of what I'm thinking or feeling. My former boss was 20 years older than me, so the fact that we got along then has a lot to do with age, maturity, improvement in cognitive functions over time, and things in common, I suppose.
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