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Type talk at work. No, not the book.

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Simply state your boss or bosses type, your type, and explain how they coincide, your relationship, how you view them, ect.
Be sure you know your boss's type by accurate observation or otherwise and are not just guessing please.

I've recently changed jobs but I'll talk about both bosses.
My last manager was an INTJ. You don't often find INTJs in retail, but I convinced him to take a test and sure enough he is INTJ.

I'm INFP, so we weren't best buddies so to speak, but we did get along surprisingly well. (Maybe partly because my feeling and percieving preferences are the weakest.) I somewhat admire INTJs so I was very interested to find out he was one. Of course my feelings were frequently hurt when I did something wrong, because he wasn't likely to approach it sensitively. Although he was very considerate of feelings, more so than an average INTJ and I noticed he always made an effort to say things the right way and not get too upset when something wasn't done as what he thought to be correct.

My new boss, as the owner of a liquor store deli, is an ISFJ. I haven't typed her, but every sign points to this type. She tend to hold her thoughts back (so much that I actually had a difficult time being trained because she was never direct in what she wanted me to do), she speaks under her breath, she doesn't always feel the need to say goodbye when she leaves.

And let's be honest, SJ types are the easiest to spot, being that they have a need to control their environment. The same could be said for INTJs, but they control a bit differently than and SJ would. They are more concerned with precise and accurate facts, rather than the action going on around them.

I don't have many issues with her. Then again, I've only been working there about two months. The only problem is she keeps calling me Kristy. My name's not Kristy... I'd guess that has much to do with her Si.:laughing:

The biggest issues I have with both of these bosses is they want to control everything. I suppose that is a natural and essential trait for anyone in managment, but they need to know when to step down and let me figure things out myself as this is the way I learn best.

So let's have it! What are your experiences at work like in relation to type?
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ISTJ. I don't know if he's considered as boss, he's whom I report to, or supposed to.
The other is ESFP, who's work I help. She is hurtful and rash at times.
Others are ISFJ, ISTJ, ENFP, ENFJ and ISFJ, all guessed.
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