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flourine wrote:
@Snowflake Minuet Hmph. Black and White. Dog and Woman. Yin and Yang. Clear and Dense. Top and Bottom. Walk the snow, and eat the apple, wolf!


Nuttier than granola; more hyper than an ADHD description; less quiet than the most silent but deadly fart. Yes, ENFP *panting heard, and biting at a leash...

Oh, and check out my latest 2KeyCog test results; someone so much smarter than I am, please interpret this:

24.2 Se
37.5 Si

28.5 Ni
27.1 Ne

25.2 Te
34.4 Ti

25.4 Fe
37.3 Fi

Thanking anyone, anyone? in advance... Please feel free to make up your own theory or combine others to encourage dis-chords; I don't like jazz, but still, a little friction is often irritating enough to make me go get something really important done like emptying my bladder.
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