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- All people are created with goodness in mind, but some of them have broken parts that cause them to malfunction. Let's pretend a person is like a clock. It's designed for the purpose of showing time, but if some of its cogs are broken, it will cause more trouble than good. Therefore there are no "bad" or "evil" people in existence, only those who malfunction.
I am not implying that "good" and "bad" are concepts which are easy to grasp. Quite often making that distinction in real life can prove to be difficult. But ultimately, at the very core of our existence, we know/feel the correct choice. We simply may fail to act upon it or fail to trust it due to being imperfect creatures.

- Hence hating a person for his "evil-doing" is pointless. It is best to identify his broken nature, and shield yourself and others from it as soon as possible.

- Sometimes in order to attain or preserve the long-term "good", it may be necessary to enact short-term "evil". This is because humans are imperfect, and thus may entangle themselves in situations that can only be solved through "evil" conduct.

- A person's aristocratism is not determined by the history of his family, nor by his wealth. But rather by the strength of his spirit to overcome troubles and become better. To conquer himself and the world around him, rather than surrendering to his circumstances nor to his fate. He has to be willing to undertake risks and even put his life on the line to protect his dignity, to become stronger, to climb higher, to distinguish himself from everyone else by a proud regal bearing, one that is permeated with confidence rather than arrogance.

- If humanity is to deserve to exist, it must always be prepared to fight for its existence. If the gods themselves decide humanity to have become worthless and in need of disposal, and even if for humanity to fight back against such superior beings would prove to be a hopeless and fruitless endeavour - humanity's very willingess to take a stand and fight back would be the ultimate proof of its worthiness.

- It is better to die young but having served a purpose, rather than to die old and useless.

- A human being is a miniature copy of the universe, and if a human being is trying to understand himself, then the universe is likewise trying to understand herself.

- Every object/item, plant, animal, human being has a purpose/function in life. Just because we don't know or fail to notice that purpose, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
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