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really interesting perspectives here:

Stranger 2:*i am facing this problem atm
Stranger 2:*stranger
Stranger 2:*what do u want to be in the future?

Stranger 1:*an astronaut

Stranger 2:*unless you already have a job, what's ur job

Stranger 1:*or a table
Stranger 1:*i wanna be a table

Stranger 2:*well that's a good goal
Stranger 2:*be serious for a second though
Stranger 2:*waking up every freaking morning at 7am to go to work for over 20 years , isn't that fucking boring ?

Stranger 1:*yeah alright, i'm working towards the goal of being a programmer/software developer.
Stranger 1:*nah.

Stranger 2:*dammit
Stranger 2:*for me it is boring
Stranger 2:*i quit my education few days ago
Stranger 2:*electrical engineering
Stranger 2:*i might get kicked out of the house for quitting
Stranger 2:*but well i mean i am doing what i want
Stranger 2:*so yeah

Stranger 1:*To a degree that's acceptable.
Stranger 1:*But it seems to me "doing what i want" means relying on others
Stranger 1:*and contributing nothing at all

Stranger 2:*nah

Stranger 1:*yes

Stranger 2:*i actually want to play in the stock market
Stranger 2:*and forex

Stranger 1:*then why don't you look towards a field in investing or something?
Stranger 1:*or are you hoping to strike gold?
Stranger 1:*'cause to me, it seems like, you want to do nothing and get rich by doing nothing

Stranger 2:*well my parents wants me to go for the hardest subject
Stranger 2:*i just love easy money you know
Stranger 2:*and i don't want tobe forced to wake up at any time

Stranger 1:*But what will that money get you when you're dead?
Stranger 1:*What if death isn't what we think? What if life is what we make it?

Stranger 2:*99% of people today work for money
Stranger 2:*....

Stranger 1:*Well no shit they do
Stranger 1:*But that doesn't meant that 99% of those people live unhappy, unfulfilling lives.
Stranger 1:*and I'd say 99% of people who do work, work for money.

Stranger 2:*well i am not like all these people u know

Stranger 1:*I doubt the worldwide employment rate is 99%
Stranger 1:*that's pretty high

Stranger 2:*nvm but thanks for listening

Stranger 1:*no, no, you got through loud and clear
Stranger 1:*don't worry, you were understood.

Stranger 2:*i wish my parents understand me
Stranger 2:*or my family
Stranger 2:*or my teachers
Stranger 2:*they all think i am insane
Stranger 2:*i am serious right now

Stranger 1:*I've been there.
Stranger 1:*Lost in the woods with no one to guide you.

Stranger 2:*there is something that people can't understand
Stranger 2:*if someone is "smart" or good at some subjects , that doesn't mean he gotta go for the hardest subject or stuff like this
Stranger 2:*for the first time in my life i am fearless though
Stranger 2:*i got nothing to lose
Stranger 2:*so yeah that's an advantage i guess
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