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Hey MBTI community!

I was hoping you guys could help me figure out what mbti type I am! I have taken a few different tests online and gotten INTP each time, but I don’t feel those tests are the most accurate so I wanted to see what others who research mbti thought. I am currently a senior in high school, but as I have read, your mbti is supposed to stay the same throughout your life.

Okay, here’s a brief description of me:

I really enjoy being by myself, in a quiet place where I can just think and relax, like a forest or a library. I really don’t like parties or most big social events, I prefer to be with my family or close friends (I have a small group of friends) instead. I hate the small talk and the nature of parties more than anything else. I really enjoy researching outside-the-box philosophies and conspiracy theories, as well as collecting a vast arsenal of facts (which end up being thrown annoyingly at my friends and family at random times so throughout the day :) ). I really enjoy discussing these philosophies and theories with my family and friends, intellectual discussions are really fun to me. In these arguments, I tend to start these discussions with a broad overview of the subject using facts and the arguments of other people that I have researched beforehand. After this, I listen to what others have to say, I am genuinely interested in others’ perspectives on things that interest me. I will only usually interject when someone says something that is factually incorrect or they say something obviously driven out of emotion and a fear that their worldview doesn’t entirely make sense anymore (I often find that the people I argue with get extremely defensive when I provide an argument that has the possiblity to tear down a major belief in their life). Going off of this, I find it very frustrating when people blindly follow a particular practice without really looking at all the possibilities (I know this sounds like I’m taking a shot at religion, but it really applies to many things). I have lots of long-term goals and things I want to accomplish, I am a very driven person. I have a big interest in business, I want to start my own company and be my own boss in the future (I am currently in high school). However, I see business as more of a fun competition than others, I just want to see how well I can do in a field that is described as very difficult to master rather than just wanting to get rich. However, I also think astronomy is really cool, I have spent lots of time throughout the school year learning about space so I may want to pursue a career in that area. I think space is so incomprehensibly cool and I’d love to be the one to figure out how this crazy universe works! Although I am very driven and will get things done on time almost every time, I tend to procrastinate until the last minute when I really focus and get it done quickly and (usually :) ) easily. I am extremely forgetful, I lose everything and forget to tell my parents lots of important info they need to know. I also find school excruciatingly boring, except for a couple classes, which I is why I am always disctrating myself on my iPad looking up these theories, facts, and subjects during class. If you have made it to this point, I’m impressed! Thanks for your time, sorry I rambled on, I tend to do that! I should probably get back to class now..

Edit: If this helps, I have a very sarcastic sense of humor, my friends and family say that I’m funny
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