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So I've been typing my friend and so far I'm 95 % sure - this guy seems to be somewhat different, in terms of physical behaviour and ways of thinking (?). Ahh and obviously because I'm having a 5 % doubt It'd be easier if I simply told you why -- but I won't, because I'm (an ass) hoping my typing skills suck, I'll input my info later. I'm wondering how the functions can relate to his "abnormalties" (he's pretty misunderstood in general), but we understand eachother.

He's socially awkward meeting new people, even those who are relatives. He can be himself when he's with me and a few selective other. Although whenever he talks about something impersonal or of his interest (usually debates, ideas) he seems to be able to communicate with anyone without trouble. (These social, "shallow" things seem to be discomforting and he tells me he hate chitchatting - we agree on that).

I've been wondering, not sure if this means anything; he's obsessively using his hands when he explains something, he's always moving around (doesn't seem intentional) and his eyes are constantly moving (I'm guessing Ni). It actually seems like he has a problem keeping his eyes still when he's talking. One time he asked me if I ever "zoom out" when I'm talking to many people -- he suggests that his body starts to move subconciously and he has a 100 % focus on his thinking. I really understand him on this.

He's extremely good with anologies but many seem to have a problem understanding them (they are kind of farfetched, but I always find them reasonable and unique.)

He doesn't like inefficiency and he likes to keep it concise when time is limited. When people don't understand this he starts running over people, (this's interesting) he finishes their sentences or somtimes just ignore the people and I know exactly why he feel this way, it seems like he knows exactly what people are going to say.

When he's talking, it sounds like he's coming up with more stuff to add while he's on it (like when he has begun discussing an idea he quickly starts to implement). I'm very unsure if this's Ne, it all seems to connect.

He's always on time, he's an incredible debator (especially when you give him time to think). Not sure if much of an improviser -- he can easily adapt to difficult situations (I've been thinking enneagram 3). He spots mistakes in plans and whenever there's abstract theory he always seem to ask questions that teachers can't answer. He pretty much sees it from a different angle.

He can be optimistic when it comes to small things I annoy myself on, like doing unnecessary work -- he can always see the issue in a different way, like.. Somehow making bad situations beneficial in a way. He has a pessimistic view talking about future things and humanity.

I'd say he's a definite introvert, but whenever we discuss his type of ideas it seems like he has an endless supply of knowledge and energy. Occasionally he'll put on his headphones and ignore people around him, he sometimes sleep in toilets as there isn't much queit around him.

I'm having a little trouble deciding if P or J; his working place is frightfully organized and neat. Not.. Necessarily systematized -- but definately he enjoys doing things in organized and meticulous ways. He's punctual when it comes to deadlines -- but sometimes I notice him procrastinating, like.. Being mentally unaware or absentminded, not being timeefficient at all. Sometimes he can make an incredible plan, but fail to accomplish it. I'd say he still leans towards J because despite his occasional procrastination he's always on time with works and deadlines.

I've noticed when it comes to other people's behaviour, he's pretty good at understanding their intentions. But I'd still say empathic over sympathethic. Like when my EXXP friend talk about people and how weird their behaviour can be he'll quickly be able to give a very reasonable explanation. (Again, while my EXXP friend seems to fail at understanding the connection in behaviour between people - I remember when my friend (the guy we're typing - we'll call him P1), told my EXXP friend that he talks in very vague sentences, and that only we could understand him. Ofc my EXXP would disagree, P1 told EXXP that he ( the EXXP) couldn't put himself in other people's situation -- P1 is usually right.) I'd say he's somewhat of a psychic.

He hates losing any mind games (especially those he can control) shame is probably what he handles worst. He likes playing the piano and he seems stuckup to his own musical epoch, not caring what other thinks.

He's generous to people around him, mostly elderly and teachers.. People of authority (although I'm having a hard time understanding why - It doesn't fit the image he come off as). He seems to be ruled by his thinking, him being nice is in fact rare. He likes helping people, but he definately prioritize himself before others. I think it's because of his desire to explain things in his own way. He has a unique way to everything I guess. :cool:

There are things I don't understand about him, almost as if there's a depth to discover. I've also heard he was abused in earlier ages, he doesn't share his past though. First time I met him he was a completely different person, suspicious of everyone and desperately seeking acceptance. He'd seem emotionally unstable and do fake smiles just to fit in (this was years ago). We were both 15 back then, he's much more stable and not really caring anymore.

I'll add more soon.
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