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I thought it would be fun to try and type songs. How would you type the lyrics and sound of this song?

Woke up one day in another time
Traveled the world to see what I could find
Lost but still unafraid
Never willing to stay
And the nights all glowed like starlight
And the days all froze in my eyes
But now they've turned to tears and I hear I hear I hear

A song that plays in my heart
It stops and starts
I finally found a place to stay
That's both near and far away

Woke up one day in outer space
With dreams in my mind that I had to chase
I slept but was still awake
Unsure of what was at stake
And the spaceship soared like lightning
And what saved my life was timing
But that all disappeared and I hear I hear I hear

The sun melts into the sea
And I feel completely free
Once the moon beams in the sky
Stardust fills up my eyes
And I fly away

Feel free to share other songs and type them.
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