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-Loves reality t.v. and hollywood gossip magazines
-Obsessed with babies. Has talked for years about having baby fever and gushes every time a baby is in the room (I often don't even notice that a baby is in the room)
-Generally only likes to read light fiction
- Loves to drink and loves good food
- Very loud, boisterous personality
- Natural leader/organizer in most situations
- Doesn't like music (music in general)
- Very enthusiastic about the company she works for... almost like their mascot
- Very responsible with money/frugal. Favorite things to do are things that are free.
- Hates pets, and is a bit jumpy when dogs come around
- Generally big on complimenting people, bringing up the good qualities she sees in people
- But she can be frank in the moment at times, and I've seen situations in which she said things that people took the wrong way.
- Unpretentious
- Very good with picking up new languages. Is fluent in multiple languages.
- Not really interested in theory or in historical topics, travel, learning new cultures

...she tested as an ENFJ but I seriously doubt that's what she is.
ESFJ. Typically, ESFJs just love the stimulus of human interactions. I think that is why reality TV really appeals to them. It's groups of people having complex interactions and they just get so immersed in people. On the one hand they can be gossips, but on the other hand they can just be really compassionate people who care about people and the details of their lives.

Can have crazy enthusiasm (for it's own sake), big expressions, even zany - though some are professional and subdued. Very frank and blunt but usually about moral concerns. Very opinionated about what they like and do not like and vocal about it... sometimes that's good and sometimes not so good. I find them to be unpretentious. They are definitely driven to achieve, but it seems they are pretty whimsical about their projects. Must be the Ne. Languages sounds about right.

ESTJ is possible as well, and it really depends on how 'hard' she is when she is ranting about something. ESFJ will definitely keep the rants to 'wrath of god' morality or appropriateness... where ESTJ will basically talk about how stupid people are being or stupid the things people do are... or whatever. Fe vs Te.
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