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-Loves reality t.v. and hollywood gossip magazines
-Obsessed with babies. Has talked for years about having baby fever and gushes every time a baby is in the room (I often don't even notice that a baby is in the room)
-Generally only likes to read light fiction
- Loves to drink and loves good food
- Very loud, boisterous personality
- Natural leader/organizer in most situations
- Doesn't like music (music in general)
- Very enthusiastic about the company she works for... almost like their mascot
- Very responsible with money/frugal. Favorite things to do are things that are free.
- Hates pets, and is a bit jumpy when dogs come around
- Generally big on complimenting people, bringing up the good qualities she sees in people
- But she can be frank in the moment at times, and I've seen situations in which she said things that people took the wrong way.
- Unpretentious
- Very good with picking up new languages. Is fluent in multiple languages.
- Not really interested in theory or in historical topics, travel, learning new cultures

...she tested as an ENFJ but I seriously doubt that's what she is.
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ESFJ is kinda what I figured. I read the general description of ESFJ and she immediately popped in my head. Thanks for the confirmation!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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