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It's a great way to see the point of view of your characters!
Just thought I'dshare with you guyys :proud:.

Jamie (Unhealthy INFP type 4w5): Haughty, funny, childish, compassionate, can be charming, mannerly, reserved, seems cold, lonely, brooding, lacks empathy, enigmatic, self important, eccentric, artistic, creative, emotional, arrogant, self righteous, curious, rebellious, vain, idealistic, relaxed, head-in-clouds, disorganized, adventurous, daring, fearless, stubborn, naive, sheltered, jealous .

She may not sound very pleasant but she seems to be everyone's favourite :laughing:. She's based off my sister though :dry:.

Rosie (INFJ type 9): Soft and gentle, warm, strives for peace and harmony, easily embarrassed, inquisitive, bubbly, seems ditzy, forgetful, humble and modest, shy, talkative, hard to get to know, cute, clumsy, strives to make everyone comfortable, empathetic, puts her needs and feelings above others, forgets her own needs, secretive, sensitive to conflict, perfectionist, stubborn, accepting, open-minded, passionate, hopeless romantic, always trying to do what she thinks is right, complex.

Rosie is probably my favourite, she's adorable. Character inspired by a good friend.

Jack (ESFP type 7): Enthusiastic, fun, excitable, playful, spontaneous, funny, sensitive, immature, unintelligent, naive, impulsive, protective, adventurous, optimistic, cheerful, loveable, sociable, easy to get along with, easy to talk to, relaxed and easy going.

I love Jack, he releases a lot of tension from the book. He's Jamie's cousin but he's also based of my brother.

Angelina (ISTJ type 1): Shy, quiet, reliable, hard-working, practical, afraid to express emotion, perfectionist, sticks to rules and conventional ways, orderly, structured, self critical, realistic, sensible, responsible, high expectations of self, patient, morally good, principled, religious, strong, persistent, never gives up, naive (Jamie, Jack and Angie are all very naive because they've lived with the royal all their lives) socially naive, modest, unassuming, good at everything she does, over achiever, strong willed, close minded.

Angie is based off another friend of mine <3.

I'm still working on typing the others.

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Nice work! I deliberately try to develop a character architect when I introduce them and write them with some aspects of an MBTI type. I deliberately made my heroines INTP and INFJ. The third in the trio is ENFJ.

Keep writing!
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