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The hypothesis is that the factors of temperament are the root of personality through neurological elements, rather than the cognitive processes, which themselves are believed to have a neurological basis.

It's all about a person's stimulatability.
We can make 1 a need for more stimulation, and 0 a need for less stimulation.

There are two dimensions of stimulatability.
How much one is willing to actively move to gain stimuli (e), and how much he wants to passively receive it from others (w).

If we divide this into the areas of surface social skills (I), leadership and responsibilities (C), and closer personal relationships (A), we will have a six digit binary code.

xxxxxx (x=variable)

The values of each digit represent:

For the 16 types, we only need the first four digits.

The way it translates into the type factors:
eI = extraversion (1)/introversion (0)
wI = informing (1)/directing (0)
eC = pragmatic (1)/cooperative (0)
wC = motive (1)/structure (0)

ISTJ 0000xx
INFJ 0001xx
INTJ 0010xx
ISTP 0011xx
ISFJ 0100xx
INFP 0101xx
INTP 0110xx
ISFP 0111xx
ESTJ 1000xx
ENFJ 1001xx
ENTJ 1010xx
ESTP 1011xx
ESFJ 1100xx
ENFP 1101xx
ENTP 1110xx
ESFP 1111xx

Temperaments, Interaction Styles
SJ xx00xx
NF xx01xx
NT xx10xx
SP xx11xx
Chart the Course 00xxxx
Behind the Scenes 01xxxx
In Charge 10xxxx
Get Things Going 11xxxx

We now can also map the cognitive functions to this neurological binary, through their common effects on type:

(Also, Y and Z will indicate that the values must be different from each other, and it can be either way: Y=0, Z=1 or Y=1, Z=0).

Se xx11xx
Si xx00xx
Ne x1YZxx
Ni x0YZxx
Te x0x0xx
Ti xY1Zxx
Fe xY0Zxx
Fi x1x1xx

Looking at it this way, there would be six "switches" in the brain so to speak, determining our personality; with the first four determining our cognitive preferences.
(It would also further explain why the preferred functions-- the first two determining type --must always be Ji/Pe or Pi/Je alternations. Try to pair two e's or i's; or P with P or J with J, and you will get a conflict in one or two digits).
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