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The Enneagram of Personality is contained within a circle for a reason. Well, for many reasons, but one of them is to imply the continuous, uninterrupted nature of it. Cyclical, infinite… there are no places where types are "at odds with" their wing, as I have seen some say, implicitly or explicitly, over the years.

"8 and 9 are so unlike each other!" is something that has led to a lot of mistyping, for example. But there are some really visible examples of the "gradation" present even between types that may, due to the popularization of stereotypical understandings, seem quite disparate in their energies. Dr. Phil is an example of an 8 "all the way in" 9, but nonetheless a core 8. The fictional character Ron Swanson is a 9 all the way in 8, but still ultimately a core 9. These examples may not have confused you, but there are some WILD examples of 4ish 5s and vice versa, or 1ish 2s, and ESPECIALLY 6/7… these are very deep patterns, and not at all as immediately visible as I think most people understand our pattern of cognition to be.

This should signal two things to us immediately… the first is that we should take great care in typing others and avoid hubristically asserting that someone is certainly some type and not possibly its wing, without doing due diligence. there are billions of humans, and thousands of enneagrammatic configurations once accounting for all factors. Secondly, this should imply that if we cannot imagine what it might mean for a type to present superficially as its wing, then we may not fully understand that "area" of the enneagram as we think we may, and should speak without any great claim to authority consequently, allowing that to humble ourselves…

Have you seen anyone claim that two adjacent types are "at odds with" each other? Did you mistype someone (or yourself!) as their wing? Who's someone you believe is popularly typed as their wing?

~ hiddenglass ❦

P.S. And that's before we get into tritype, and the inner lines of connection… ;)

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