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I have one big issue on typing my father.
If cognitive functions weren't involved, I would have all the reasons to type him as an ESTP (even though Se is his main function by ALL MEAN).
Except ESTPs have Fe, and I'm sure as hell my father uses Fi. I don't know if it's because he were raised like that and that, for this reason, he tends to just hide his inner feelings, but still. I often know how he feels after being told by my mom because he's so good at keeping a neutral face or juste "acting" an usual attitude that I can't just read through it.
I just know that when he's angry, he can't keep it and tends to expel it violently in a blazing catharsis (and he just doesn't think about backing up), but I don't think it can be attributed to Fi nor Fe

Place your bets.
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