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Any INFPs have the habit of typing characters every time you watch a movie/drama? I really love doing this, but there's no one in my friend list have the same interest, so I have no one to talk to.

As for US-UK shows, I can easily find other people's opinions on the internet, but as for Chinese/Korean dramas, I can hardly find any. There are some on personality-database, but most of them I don't agree with >_< And there's no explanation for the typings.

So I would like to create a thread dedicated to typing Asian drama characters.

Let me start with the show I'm watching right now~

What's wrong with secretary Kim?

Lee Young-joon - ENTJ
Kim Mi-so - ENFJ
Kim Ji-ah - ENFP
Go Gwi-nam - ESTJ
Bong Se-ra - ESTP
Park Yoo-sik - ENTP
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