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I don't think this is in the right part of the forum. Can a mod move this?

Also, can you specify which one of some of the Legacy superheroes? Kyle Rayner's Green Lantern is completely different from John Stewart's. Same with Barry Allen's and Wally West's Flash...unless you're only talking about the New 52? Many characters vary depending on the writer.

I disagree with Red Robin. I was always under the impression that Tim Drake was an INFJ. Also, methinks that Superman is an xSFJ, instead of ENFP. I disagree with Damien Wayne's. He is definitely on the Te-Fi axis as opposed to the Fe-Ti axis that ISTPs are on.

If you are talking about Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern, I can agree with ESFP, but I think ESTP would be a good fit too. I very much agree with the Joker, though. He is completely ENTP. I'd say you're right about the Flash being an ESTP if you are talking about Wally West. Barry Allen, however, is more ISFJ.
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