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Type them, any of them
Laurence Olivier
Marlon Brando
Montgomery Clift
Gregory Peck
Humphrey Bogart
Richard Burton
Paul Newman
Robert Redford
Sidney Poitier
Steve McQueen
Heath Ledger
Val Kilmer
Colin Farrell
Tom Hardy
Sean Penn
Mickey Rourke
Benicio Del Toro
Joaquin Phoenix
Javier Bardem
Gary Oldman
Colin Firth

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Here's what I think
Laurence Olivier ISFP 4w3
Marlon Brando ESTP 4w5
Paul Newman ISTP 6w5c
Robert Redford ENTJ 6w5c
Steve McQueen ESTJ 6w7c
Heath Ledger INFP 5w4
Val Kilmer ENFP 7w8
Sean Penn ENFP 8w9
Mickey Rourke ISFP 8w9
Benicio Del Toro ISFP 9w8
Gary Oldman INFJ 4w3

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Laurence Olivier: ISFJ
Marlon Brando: INFP
Montgomery Clift: ISTJ
Gregory Peck: ISFJ
Humphrey Bogart: ENTJ
Paul Newman: ISTP
Robert Redford: ENTJ
Steve McQueen: ENTJ
Heath Ledger: INFP
Val Kilmer: ENFP
Colin Farrell: ENFP
Sean Penn: ENFP
Benicio Del Toro: ISFP
Joaquin Phoenix: ISTP
Gary Oldman: ISFP
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