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I wondered what my Boyfriend's personality (MBTI and Egram) types were for a long while, but couldn't do it myself. Now I've been living with my boyfriend for about five months and decided to figure out what his types are. I guessed based upon what I know of him and then reading about each type. Obviously, I could be wrong. Same with my Housemates' personalities.

I adore personality things and puzzling out others' types!

ISFP, 5, Gemini, Metal Sheep, Ravenclaw-possibly Hufflepuff.

He's compassionate and conciencious. He loves learning new things and working on projects. He's good with his hands. He enjoys his privacy and does not open up except with people he is close to. He needs time on his own to de-stress and recalibrate after dealing with people/work. When he has a project, he's completely focused on it and does not like to stop until it is finished. His values are important to him and he always does what he believes is right.

Housemate 1:
INTJ, 1, Slytherpuff
Housemate 2:
ENFJ, 2, Gryffindor
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