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Currently I am kind of writing a story and I just have some characters I would like to be typed please? Its about like a group of students in a job class high school.

Main Character, Hall Shinestone= He is a good like person that wants to do the right thing. He is going to the college for a degree in being a paladin. He is somewhat of a neat freak out of fear of doing the right things and out of fear that he is not following a good path to be a paladin.

Lune Nightshell= A dark like guy that doesn't really care or trust others due to being abandoned by his family at age 13, motivating himself to go to get a degree for being a rogue. He thinks the main character is stupid but likes to follow him just for the sake to irritate his moral while secretly he likes and slowly trust him.

Cybil Dreamchart = An insecure and cautious nerdy mage enthusiastic about learning magic and the different kinds of it. Although extremely skilled and perceptive, he sometimes feels hated because of how much he is advance for his age. He also is obsessed with dream analysis and occasional ESP moments. One day he had a dream about the Main character.

Victor Shields= The Jock on the College's Battle Ball Team. He is the strongest member on his team. He feels superior to most of his teammates yet keeps a charismatic attitude about things. Since he is going to be a Warrior, he doesn't feel like he needs to learn anything from classes but to keep training.

Easel Bunnytears= a effeminate vegetarian that can speak to animals. Kind and gentle, the youth prefers to not fight but to talk things out as his major is to be a medic out of motivation from failing to help someone in his past. His phobia of death and gore makes him cringe but he doesn't want to show it if it disturbs anyone around him

Now, the bad guys.

Pere= The secret manipulative guy in the college that acts as a dean. Behind the curtains he is a part of the Noir Paon Syndicate as the leader. As the Noir Paon leader he wants a perfect family of love power and status of perfect people. He could not care less if anyone he knows is hurt. A silver tongue "father" figure, all he cares is to rise to the top

Reine= A snobby shallow and preppy man. He sees himself as the "QUEEN" Being the second in command of the group. He sometimes speaks in chess terms. He is extremely condescending to his "children" or anyone really and acts motherly in a sarcastic way. Tends to be very neat and vainglorious, all he cares for is his "King" and gets pissed when someone is rude to his Pere or insults his pride.

Livre= A laid back and sort of apathetic bookworm. He is the librarian of the group. He is somewhat lazy compared to the rest and kind of cool headed in an intellectual way. Friendly in a cold way, he is very jaded and feels bored. However, if its something that is serious, he will do it reluctantly but efficiently.

Calcul= The Technological genius of the group. He is analytical, bright and brilliant. He is withdrawn, prideful of his hacking abilities, deceitful, sneaky and preppy.

Voyou= A hot headed thuggish brute with no sense of reasoning. He is the thief,money maker and tough guy in the group. He is very rude and disrespectful. Prefers to behave rash, violent, and sadistic rather than being gradual.

Armee= A blood-lustful assassin in the group. He is tactical, strong willed, heartless egocentric serial killer for his group. He is vengeful in any competition and task that he loses. He is a weapon master using any kind of weapon that will fit the occasion for his job.

Eclatant= A preppy outgoing young lady that acts as a spy for other groups, teams or affiliations and also as the fashion designer. She is playful, gaudy and hyper girl that can also be very emotional when she is annoyed. She loves to vex her team and others

Legume= The kind, polite cheerful and optimistic chef of the group. He is a vegan that loves to talk about variuos facts and statistic about fruits and vegetables. He can even control plants. His witty environmental personality makes his friendly attitude more snide

Palir= The newest member who is completely clueless to the group. Everyone else walks over him do to his humble and sincere nature. He acts a little paranoid around others and is easy to manipulate. Despite his submissive looks, he is the most talented of the group being resourceful

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When I write stories, I love typing the characters. Here's my guesses as to what your characters might be.

Hall Shinestone: ISFJ or ESFJ
Lune Nightshell: Some sort of FP
Cybil Dreamchart: ENFP or INFP
Victor Shields: ESTP
Easel Bunnytears: INFJ or INFP
Pere: INTJ or ENTJ
Reine: ISFJ
Livre: INTP
Calcul: INTJ
Voyou: ESTP
Eclatant: ESFP
Legume: ISFJ

I really wasn't sure about Palir or Armee. Some of the others were pretty tough just because of the limited information. But hopefully that helps!

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Thank you.... and about Armee, He is sort of does it out of loyalty to his group in a way and is strictly committed to his group. He actually only listens to Reine and Pere. He pretty much acts like a human weapon to his enemies but is strict, disciplined, and respectful to his allies. Palir Is just insecure out of a group and is kind of like a shy teenager that listens to people nice to him but he doesn't know that the group only see him as a tool. I developed my antagonist from the five bad band from TV tropes. You can probably tell which is which but I added my own twist. Ironically Voyou and Armee were the hardest to construct.

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I think Armee might be an ISTJ. I'm still not sure about Palir because any type can be insecure like that but I would guess he's some type of feeler.

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I might just guess infp for Palir. I hope this is a understandable five bad band. If you want to know what it is here is a link. Athough since this is specifically a personality website, this may be profane information I am delivering

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Name: Parfait England
Nickname: Yogurt
Average height, toned, light-skinned, slanted eyes, low fade
Academy of Catholic Knights
Middle class
Mother(dead), Father(estranged)
Speaks properly
Esthete (Friend), Gagant(Rival)
Hallow lance of truth
Playing the piano, cleaning
Being moral
Doesn’t believe in fornication
To redeem his family name, to stop Paon Noir
Fear the Friday 13[SUP]th[/SUP] laws
Too perfectionistic, too critical, impatient with ignorance. Doesn’t forgive anyone evil
High sense of justice, polite, noble, brave
Scared of becoming corrupt
Feels bad, thinks that people should not be aggressive, acts calm but hot headed
Loves classical music, likes to study law
Prefer healthy fooods and hates junk food
Neat handwriting
Octomber 1[SUP]st[/SUP]
Music, combat dealing with lances, holy based attacks

Amour Rossa
Lanky, slim, dark-skinned, short hair, thin lips, squinted eyes
Culinary School
Chef/volunteers to help the poor
Working class
Mother(abandoned him)
Speaks with a lisp somewhat and talks warmly
Tyrell(Husband), the other 8 heroes(Best friends)
Wedding ring, cooking set, bow and arrows
Cooking, helping the homeless
Obsessed with trying to beat down anyone that doesn’t say thank you for anything they did and obsessed with Tyrell
Scared of being abandoned
Too caring, too aggressive towards people that do not like him, too dependent, too obsessed with Tyrell, slightly condescending, meddles
Does not believe in cheating, but very flirtatious when he needs to be
Very kind, sweet, caring, protective, warm hearted
Acts very loving, feels emotional a lot and thinks that if he is not nice, he’ll be hated
Loves romance novels, cook books, listen to R&B
Loves sweet foods, fruits but dislike bitter foods
Writes cursive
February 26
Cooking, healing, singing, dancing

Gagant Heart
Tall, slender, sneaky eyes, wide smirk, dark eyes
Gambling , magician school
High class
Unknown relatives
Speaks effeminately but silver tongued and manipulative. Talks in Gambling term
Parfait(rival), Fidele(servant)
52 card set, twin dice, countless gold coins
Addicted to gambling, manipulation, and lying
Believes that he is the best
Being a magician
Polygamous /single
To become the hero of Reve
Thinks he is the best, feels like a loser, and acts extremely narcissistic
Is a narcissist, considers everyone a rival, is traitorous, and only cares about gaining prizes, vain
Appropriate, wise, sneaky, cares somewhat for his pawns, charismatic
Likes eggs and steak but hates dairy products
Writes in sharp large cursive
January 13[SUP]th[/SUP]
Excellent in gambling, card dealing, manipulating chances, good at augmenting cards with magic, con-artist, perfect at acting

Esthete Mooncross
Somewhat short, skinny, silver eyes, cat like eyes, dark skin, pale blue eyeliner
Beaux High school of the Gift
College student/mage artist
Low class
Mother, father, sister (all dead)
Speaks poetically and somewhat softly
Ink brush wand, Invisibility pills, Pad
Drawing, poetry, magical expression
Obsessed with Parfait, his own feeling, hatred towards the rude, ice cream, mimes
That beauty is truth
only romantically lust secretly for Parfait
To not be generic
Scared of being seen as ugly and or hurt emotionally
Feel sensitive due to losing his family because he refused to be a part of Paon Noir, thinks that he is useless, and acts poetically emotional when it comes to being accepted
Timid, somewhat suicidal, lonely, depressed, curious, takes things too deeply, hateful of ugly things, weak, overly and overtly emotional
Gentle, smart, artistic, intuitive, caring, considerate,
Loves poetry and kanji writing. Listen to J-pop
Likes ice cream and fried, grilled, and or well spiced foods but dislike dry and hard foods
Writes small
July 12[SUP]th[/SUP]
Drawing, painting magical ink visions, poetic based spell depending on the mood

Sagesse Paperblade
ESP nerd
Pale biracial skin, hazel slanted eyes, bald fade, anorexic, short/average height, long fingers, thin nose, pointy eyes
Bookstore owner/profession mage
Middle class
Old Librarian(surrogate father/dead)
Sounds articulate and cold but quiet
Scientia Technical academia
Other Eight heroes (Idiots worth informing to)
A wand
Reading, studying spells, practicing ESP, graphic design
Obsessed with reading and teleporting others away from him when he is annoyed
To master ESP
Fears being touched/being around loud brutes fear of being tricked
Acts extremely cold and sarcastic around people, thinks that people are very ignorant and do not know what they are doing, feels confused and annoyed around loud brass groups
Couldn’t care less for anyone, disdain emotional folks, deems others that are hyper superficially as stupid, cold-hearted and blunt
Brilliant, analytical, can’t be fooled, always concerned for close friend or “idiots”, wise, sophisticated
Read books containing history and magic based books, listens to classical
Prefer vegetables/fruits and water hates juicy food
Writes in light small cursive
January 28
Can use practically every spell and is a ESP, IQ of 199

Fidele Rain
Average height, average weight, Small black afro, burnt sierra skin, black eyes, short eyes, small nose, and small mouth
Academy of the Knights
Working/middle class
Talks androgynously, but humble and soft
In a hotel
Kendo, chess, fencing, writing stories
Worrying about others, cleaning, complaining silently in his head
Doesn’t like sex
Wants to find someone worth trusting again
Scared of the dark, scared of scary guys, scared of being alone, scared of being lied to, scared of being rude
Feels deeply anxious about tricks, thinks that he will get abused, acts very friendly and loyal but sometimes cautious and paranoid
Timid, paranoid, doesn’t want to get assaulted, cowards, hates fighting alone, easily frighten, weird, holds back doubts, overly analytical, distrustful to any games or deals, insecure, frantic when stressed
Loyal, kind, noble, respectful, humble, nice, protective, strong, persistent
Likes reading fiction/nonfiction, listens to the blues and hard metal
Likes soft foods that tend to be well rounded, dislikes long pipe shaped foods
Writes in normal print
June 21[SUP]st[/SUP]
Good at fencing and proficient at defense,

Joie Flame
Random Kid
Curvy, burnt orange skin, childish eyes, wavy short hair, big lips, strong legs, yellow-orange eyes,short, curvy body
Illustrious College
Unknown finical class
Speaks hyper fast and flamboyant
Amour (Target crush), Mango (ex-girlfriend)
Various kunai, bombs, smoke balls, energy pills, cellphone, portable Machine gun
Playing guitar, tricking people, stealing things, ambushing, wandering around, juggling, meeting nice looking people, shopping
Polygamy and promiscuous
Fear of commitment, being made fun of, being emotionally and or mentally traumatized
Feels comfortable around parties, thinks that being committed will only cause stress, while getting what feels great now is better, and acts happy and careless
Shallow, escapist, overly flirty, tricky, fickle, stubborn, childish, quick to anger, transient, wild, extremist, a joker, slacker
Optimistic, very sunny, brave, reckless, cool, funny, nice, determined,
Likes disco, pop, and electronica music
Likes spicy and confectioned drinks dislikes everything else
Sloppy cursive
May 30th
Can make illusion devices, a master at camouflage, can transform and make clones. Also a marksman at knife throwing and extremely quick witted, hysterically spontaneous, fast as a cheetah

Defendre Tenderwings
Inhumane Brute
Tall, athletic, maroon eyes, round eyes, Tan skin, side burns, think eye brows, thin head,
Prestige Military Academy for Special Forces
Warrior of Prestige
High class
Mother(status unknown)
Speaks bluntly, roughly in a harsh tone
Calme(his closest ally)
Obsessed with battle, getting stronger, hatred, fighting, training
Valorheck great sword, death twin blades,
Loves to fight, wrestle, basketball, surf, swim
Believes in bringing suffering to any foes
Is a closet case and wants to be sexually dominate to leave a mark on his victim(lover) to defend them
Wants to see through and murder every Paon Noir member
Fears losing Calme, Fears letting people inside, scared of bunnies
Hateful, violent, aggressive, offensive, proud, overly dominate, unforgiving, punishes others, make others feel pathetic by attacking their emotional weakness, arrogant
Protective, brave, ruthless, caring, protective, tough-loving, serious, independent,
Feels exposed when nice overtly, thinks that by being powerful he can avenge himself and not let anyone bother him again
Likes Metal and reads books that involves war stories and sometimes tall tales
Likes spicy and strong tasting food
Writes boldly and largely in an artful fashion
November 8th
Sports, hand to hand combat specialist, master swordsman, the fastest swimmer alive

Calme Lion
The Pure
Small, albino, simplistic eyes, average, small mouth, bald
Beaux school of the gifted
High school
Middle class
Foster mom and dad
Sounds very soft spoken and childlike
Defendre(best friend)
Meditation, martial arts, gardening, jogging, reading
Obsessed with relaxing and avoiding sparring
Fear of having to hurt people, fear of heights
Feels lost, thinks that a goal that must be achieved through reckless means is a not a goal, acts, kind and innocent yet impulsive when confused or stressed
Pretends to be naïve, reluctant to fight, lazy, ignores orders, sometimes say one thing and mean another, can be aloof to hide stress, walking doormat, avoids hurting people
Nice, calm, relaxed, cool headed , forgiving, has a sense of honor and kindness even to enemies
Listen to jazzy music
Likes warm bread and fortune cookies but dislike nuts
Writes in light print
August 21[SUP]st[/SUP]
Photo kinesis user, black belt martial artist, plays the flute
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