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Typing my Grandpa

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:D I had my Grandpa take the test and it came out that he was ESFJ, but ESTJ makes more sense and actually fits him better when I read the description. (And ISFP for Granny rather than E.) So now I know four of my family members. :3

And I'm determined to work out what Miles Vorkosigan's type is! He's definitely an ENxP. I just have to figure out if he's an F or a T. He seems to make decisions based on values. But he can go with logic, too. I'm not sure... :frustrating:
(I admit that I really WANT him to be an ENFP because he's one of my favorite characters and I admire him very much. I'm an ENFP so I think it'd be awesome to be the same type as Miles. :blushed::kitteh:)

Naneth (mom) knows the Enneagram very well (she has her students do the Enneagram) and she's positive that Miles is most definitely a 3. She's not quite sure which wing though; she says she needs to think about that and maybe re-read descriptions of each, but she knows he's a 3.
I guess what I should do is read ENFP and ENTP (and just read about F and T) again and see which one sounds most like Miles. :)
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