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I'm surprised at how often I read about people basing their typing of someone on "vibe." It provides absolutely no clue to me as to what someone is basing their typing on when someone says "that person just doesn't give off a type x vibe." What does that even mean?

It seems like this approach is a matter of comparing one person to other people you've seen or known of a given type and noticing similarities and differences. That to me limits one's understanding of type to what you already think you know about a type instead of looking at what you might not know.

Personally, I see "vibe" as just another clue to check out a particular typing to see if it fits, but not as any definitive evidence. I'm curious as to how other people use or interpret "vibe" regarding Enneagram typing.
When someone is just goofing on, it's OK but most seem to mean it and take it seriously.

I put it on par with typing someone based on 'selfies' or 'collages' or whether the person's eyes are big:

Right up there with phrenology and astrology and other goofy junk.

I stay away from the threads now because I thought people were kidding but nope, they really write as though they mean it when they 'get a vibe you're an INFP, tri-type 4-8-2. You just don't seem like a thinker..." or whatever nonsense pops in their heads and out their fingertips, iPhone, whatever.

I've also noticed how many people say they're typing by 'vibe' but clearly have read another member's posts, cherry-picked some details without knowing or asking the 'why' behind any of it, then act like they just got this sixth sense and wow, enneagram, MBTI, Socionics and more: All decided.

Don't know why these vibe-oriented people don't put their amazing skills to better use like helping cops find serial killers and their victims bodies.

Must not be a 5 and sx/so along with INFJ 'cause you know, they've never seen that before, and besides, "there's just something not right, can't put my finger on it but something doesn't add up..."

I am so rare, precious, and downright special, few seem to pick up those vibes about me when it's so visibly obvious:


ADDITION: I have the flu (symptoms amped a few hours ago) so I thought this was about MBTI "vibe typing" but extrapolating it works fine. I can say this with certainty because "I have a feeling." Trust me.
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