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I've been here for a while but I've never really felt like "introducing" myself, that is until I've heard you get coffee if you do.

So, hi. I'm an INTJ. Uhh, let me tell you what it's like atm. Directly South, in front of me, is a pretty girl on her laptop who is pretending like she's being productive, we both know she's not. To my east is a hostess, blending coffee and making a hell of a raucous. To my north is a wall. To my west, outside the window, are two men playing chess, I watched them for a while; noobses. A fat woman just came in and sat right between me and the girl, she just came from the beach because she's wrapped in a blanket and she's carrying a huge purse-thing. I like the old view better. Anyway, I came in here because I had a shitload of homework and I needed WiFi, now I'm just chilling for a bit because I have work in about 15 minutes, 2 blocks away. Lots of thoughts are running through my head, few of which are "+", I don't think there is a word for it. Perhaps later it will be different, I don't want to get my hopes up. I should start an official rant blog, perhaps later.


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I take mine with cream and sugar. How would you like your coffee? :laughing:

Welcome and Enjoy!

I enjoyed your cafe story! :happy:
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