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And in other news... particularly since the Boston Marathon bombing has prevented any other news hitting the mainstream airways...

Apparently an MP was caught trying to give secrets to the Russians. Received 16 years for it.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Iran.

A judge fines himself $25 dollars because his cell phone went off in court.

Minneapolis SWAT team member convicted for beating a man senseless.

My point here is yes, this was a major event. Yes, it's important and is worthy of being the lead story, but let's be honest. Outside of casualties and the fact that there was explosions we really don't know shit. Therefore all the networks are doing is engaging in speculation until the facts come out. So where are the other stories on tv?

The fact that we haven't been hit since 9-11 does not mean that there haven't been attempts made that have been thwarted. Also, this doesn't automatically mean Al-Qaeda did it either. Some of the pundits are already fear-mongering about terrorism from abroad. And let's not forget that people from other nations are dealing with terrorism on a daily basis. It's news, but it's not exactly new. So why speculate? Just report what you know and wait for the facts. Let's keep covering the rest of the important news of the day as well.
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