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I will here list what traits of the types the descriptions focuses too much on/or too little on. A big problem with type descriptions is that they often focus too much on an aspect of a type, while blatantly ignoring others, thus strengthening the stereotypes already existing about the types. Feel free to post your own interpretation.
I can start with a few I think are quite significant:

ENTJ - Their insensitiveness. Every ENTJ can't honestly be like "Oh yeah, this test got me to a T, I'm a psychopath!"
ENTP - Their argumentative nature. Arguing is the only thing ENTPs do, right?
INTJ - Their rudeness (even though they don't really have an inferior feeling function).

ENFJ - Their leadership qualities (because that is the only thing worth mentioning).
ENFP - Their focus on fun (when they're really much deeper than that).
INFJ - Their focus on humanitarian causes are drastically exaggerated.

ISFP - Their sensitivity and how fragile they are.

Keep in mind, I'm not talking about community stereotypes, but rather legitimate type descriptions that only focus on a small part of the personality type, which in a worst-case-scenario can make people doubt their type.
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That's actually how you can fake being one type.

Be a whore, - esfp
Argue and remove smileys - entp
Put smileys - enfp
Emote - infp
Be rude with your comments - intj

Easy to fool
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