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I am pretty confused my type, having spent weeks digging into MBTI, functions and socionics.

I type often as INFP or INFJ, two types often confused between each other, though I seem to far correspond better to a INFP (I am far more self centered, self-absorbed, even to the point of forgetting about others, rather than trying to please others, observe their manners and listen carefully to others as INFJs often do. So I guess I have more Fi than Fe.

The problem is trying to understand what are my dominant functions. Is it Ni, Fi, Ti, or even Ne?
My least developed function is definitely Se, being in the present moment and being a practical person. I also struggle with being decisive, and a leader. So I am not a dominant Te either. I am an abstract guy, open for experiments, so Si is also not the primary function.

I am left with these options: any of the INXX types, a ENFP (campaigner) or a ENTP (debater).

lets see, there is a strong case to be either an INFP or INFJ.

My mind can jump quickly to another topic and do tangents (this is probably Ne). I am an introvert (I can go days alone) but with with close ones I can do an enthusiast communicator wanting to share my opinions, judgements and insights and share knowledge (might be a Fi, Fe, Ne or even Te function). I have strong ethics, strong feelings and I enjoy spiritual things (so this seems to be a strong INF trait and definitely rejects any chance of being a INTP).

When comparing INFJ or INFP, I don't seem to fit the Fe description and Ne seems to be the strongest extraverted function. I am also quite prone for he stereotypical lazyness and indecisiveness of an INFJ, and complaining about the world. This makes a good case to be an INFP but there are a few problems:

1) I do have a fair amount of thinking in decision making, and I am a scientist at heart, an investigator of both the inner and outer world. Thought I have worked as an educator and that seems to be a better fit for me. Would that be so with Te only as inferior function? INFPs often seem too emotional for me and I tend to recognise myself more when watching a INFJ talking.
2) I dislike reading or writing fiction. I prefer studying the workings of the human mind, of society and of the universe.

Still with INFP with most likely option so imagined the possibility being instead a ENFP, a campaigner. I am definitely not an optimist,so that type wouldn't be the best fit right?

Finally I did a socionics test. I typed as EII (MBTI INFP) with high likelihood of the being either an advocate or a campaigner too.

My results are:
Ne 47%
Fi 28%
Te 22%
Si 3%

Could I really be a ENFP instead of a INFP?

Some options I chose in the socionics test, despite my result as an empath (I can easily read people emotions and I am very in tuned in my own emotions)
- I view the world using systems, structures, and classifications (rather than I view the world through my interpersonal relationships as well as those of others.)
-I value understanding and knowledge with less emphasis on either my personal benefit or that of society (rather than I value socializing as a means to improve people's mood and/or to strengthen my relationships with those people.
-I care about researching areas of interest. I often put much thought and time into an area of interest, finding information on the topic, making conclusions and deductions, and then presenting these plans, hypotheses, theories, and predictions (rather than people, making relationships, etc)

I seem to be very halfway between a thinker and a feeler in decision making.

Or perhaps and most likely I have a personality imbalance and this could be one of the situations below:

I have some hypothesis:
1) I could be a INFP that overdeveloped it's Ne and it's thinking (Te/Ti)
2) I could be an INTP that now became unbalanced towards feeling
3) I could be a INFJ that never developed Fe, and instead resorted to the shadow Fi, so I am stuck with between Ni and Si.
4) I could be an unacknowledged and passive INTJ that never developed Te that strongly and instead got stuck between Ni and Fi.
5) I could be an ENTP that due to the fact of having had an extremely shy childhood only started later to socialise and be funny (in my early twenties) and now returned back to my shyness in my thirties (and still never developed the optimist side of a typical ENTP)

Thanks for any feedback you might give

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My best guess is for 3) I am an INFJ that is stuck in the Ni/Ti loop most of the time. I probably confuse Ni and Ne. I found INFP too all over the place and INFJs much more focused like me. I probably have undervalued Fe for most of my life. Strangely I seem to make strong value judgements and pay little attention to others at many times, like an Fi. Maybe it's the Ni/Si loop. But intuition and thinking seem to be dominant in my functions. I have a database of knowledge and insight of myself that needs to get out. I am very sensitive to stress which also seems more INFJ.

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Do you perhaps have any friends? Preferably ones that know you well. They can be a good source of insight when it comes to typing.

FJs and FPs are usually fairly easy to split when observing them in real life. Do enough people watching, and you'll be able to tell the different styles of connecting with others. After paying attention to the way they think and then doing self-reflection, you might be able to identify which one you do.

You can look at MBTI as just descriptors, but it might be more useful if you drop thinking ExxPs are optimists. Rather, if you view MBTI as a guess of people's cognition, you can then proceed to guess at behaviors. For instance, we can then stop viewing ESTJs as stuck up stickler for rules, but as people that might be willing to entertain wild tangents (Ne).

I could attempt to type you, but I think your friends can do better than me.

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Dominant Ti low Fe
Strong Ne moderate Si

When using your head, you feel the need to analyze logically and correctly everything with your intense thinking before accepting it as true or false or if not yet, you just simply don’t choose side. You can have details reasons and can explain thoroughly to the atomic level. You can not be disturbed by other people when you are in process of a very interesting thinking. Suddenly you forget to eat, forget to take a bath, forget your life.

Then what is the difference between Fi Ne INFP and Ti Ne INTP?

Both Fi and Ti love questions and mystery of life and love to have alone time. Ti being a loner when their mind captivate something to think through and suddenly their emotions gone. while Fi being a loner to harmonize themselves their emotions and feel themselves again.

Fi seek what is the meaning, Ti seek what is the reasons. Ti can always have reasons in their mind coz they need it to feel assured, while Fi will need to feel right even they don’t feel necessary to provide much detailed reasons.
INFPs are effective Thinker intense feeler, if they feels right and comfortable in the choice, they believe and don’t need to complicate themselves with a very detailed reasoning. they can ignore such a small inconsistency of logic if the values seems totally right to them.

INTPs are Intense thinker effective feeler. Even when they feel guilty that they’re feeling is not aligned with what feels right, they can’t help but defy norms that seems illogical.

If you are Ti
So you’ll gonna have heart system using Fe. If you are Fe users, realize it or not your worry coming from people expectation. Try to imagine situations that activate your feeling, for INFJ it comes often but for INTP and ENTP who mostly use Ti needs certain condition when they can not avoid using Fe, so to equally assess this, imagine what you do in a big family gathering?
Are you constantly asking “how should i behave so they will feel comfortable around me?” “What is human usually do in such a situation?” While you on the other hand have blank idea about what makes you comfortable. You often lose the sense of identity. What comfortable to others is what comfortable to you.

in a room that feels depressed you’ll be depressed. Unconsciously when you notice such a nuance in people around you that seems off suddenly your energy to talk with them gone. Even if you are tired when people around you are happy you becomes relaxed. That’s Ti Fe. Are you this type?

Now let’s compare to INFP the Fi users first.
Dominant Fi low Te
Strong Ne moderate Si

Your type of thinking is Te, so when you really needed to think, you use Te which is the effective thinker. Being the last functions you still have the ability to use especially in unavoidable conditions that somehow activate your thinking function. But at the same time this is what makes you feel stressful.

Ti feels uncomfortable if there is a tiny bit of information seemed not aligned they can’t help but to rethink back again even when they’re curious to see the conclusion. But a lil bit of inconsistency bother them as hell.

Te feels uncomfortable not to be able to conclude. their reasoning for a very long time just for the sake of small informations being not aligned is bothering them. They’ll be like “what is the function of thinking if it can not be put out of your mind?” providing concrete reasons without being able to solidify conclusion is difficult for them and especially if their feeling has said it’s right why should bother and consume time just to provide details logical reasons. While Ti doesn’t feel bothered by how long they process it.

Te users have type of heart of Fi
Fi is authentic. the person who is always themselves. whether it’s funny or quiet, it is not produced by other people’s expectation. In a big family gathering an Infp Fi users doesn’t feel the need to molding and fit in into situation they are in. So for example, family gathering makes Infp drained and uncomfortable so if they feel being silent is what makes them feel relaxed, they will be silent and smile in their own way in their own style. even though people seems faking it cheerfully to relate with each other, what makes them comfortable is to behave like themselves, unlike Fe who is not comfortable if they can not relate to people behaviors and usually take someone as model to help them see themselves.

Now we have the level
If you are Ti Fe, then which level of Ti are you?

Ti Ne Si Fe (Intp)
If you are in a very interesting thinking process in your room, you can not be disturbed and hate a sudden visit at that time, you are heated up with ideas in your brain that you suddenly start to forget your surrounding, you forget to eat, take a bath, you forget your life. You love receiving information but your favorite to do is to process it with your own perspective logical reasoning.

Ne Ti fe si (Entp)
Love to receive information much better than to think it through. So for example if they are in a process of interesting thinking and suddenly a person coming with interesting new information disturb you, you will leave your thinking process right away and you skip it to be processed later. What makes you happy is to engage with outside world and you can’t spend much time alone just to think without engaging and chatting with people. that’s extrovert, remember Intp on the other hand is introverted, they can, i said they really can be in one room think deeply about topic of interests for 24 hours without disturbing.

Now what about infj?
Infj has Mild Ti process, so it’s not their primary, rather, it’s their supporting function. They will use it whenever they want to solidify something.
Infj in other hand, consume their time a lot in sharpening information not yet about processing it, they want to collect intuitively the information until it becomes one big and detailed shape of information that’s very vivid. Unlike intp and entp who is Ne, information coming in a short impressions but rich, and later they use reasoning skill to categorize them. Infj is really unique, they, even before processing it with reasoning skill, something in themselves leads them to choose which information to take and to connect, then they continue picturing the information like creating a story of how it’s really happening. Then later they process it with Ti, they categorize it the way intp and entp do “if this is a then this is b, b equals half c plus d” (just for example lol) but the difference is Infj consume they’re time a lot with perceiving information and feel it as if they we’re the object, so they usually will really know what the object feel due to strong Fe, Ti only comes when they are very interested in something, that makes them feel the need to solidify it with reasons. Remember Ti as a logical reasoning skill. That’s why i think for this reason infj is very rare. This combination is unique.

Now let’s talk about miss conception, people tend to think intps don’t believe in God. While in facts, they just need reasons to believe. The reality is how we are raised as a child affected Si in intp. For example Intp who is raised by the family who has strong traditions, having a Christmas, visiting family, it somehow manifest within themselves to be something comfortable to do. Step out of those things will be fearful, as they don’t know what happens next? That’s Si users.

Talking about God, intp will think “as much as people don’t have a concrete proof that God exist, people can not provide concrete proof that God doesn’t exist too so how fair is that to conclude now?”
intp like this will feel okay to follow tradition since they were raised like that, it manifest to be comfortable to them (Si) unless they are coming from family who defy religion then they probably will feel enjoyable to oppose it all the time and will take a long time to switch side.

The big signs of INTP is they will be forever seeking for logical explanation as much as possible in their entire life. (As intp i do believe God does exist). While INFP they need to feels what is the purpose and what is the values, so for example infp can think “If God doesn’t exist so why am i here for?” “What is the meaning behind this creation? what for?” While me as an INTP that statement is triggering me to find detailed logical reasoning like how to prove if He really does exist? I’ll go length on ideas supporting and opposing “does God exist? But we can not see him” and then “We can not see our ancestors, did they not exist? But i am here” i am supporting and opposing and feels uncomfortable if there is one information is not aligned, usually it takes a very long time..

Also your confusion about new ideas you have to think back, most of the time, are you the type who enjoy to be alone thinking by yourself and gaining information relevant to what captivate your interests only? Then you probably INTP

Or are you the type who trust your own reasoning but feels the need to engage with people to talk about subject of interests and can not stay for so very long time alone, coz you need external information? Then you are ENTP

And INFJ they care about others more than INTP and ENTP do.

You could be INTP who have trained Fe well. or INFP if you really think you are Fi users. Being a Ti can be quite tricky to Fi. Difference is No matter how much Ti think it’s illogical and hate to see a fake cheerful people, unconsciously they themselves care about people expectation! realize or not in uncomfortable social gathering they seek a model to behave and lessen it with how to do it logically. For INTP their fe is undeveloped.

While INFP if strong Fi users, if they are require to relate to others they don’t need others to tell, they do harmoniously with who they really are and are not confuse to be the unique them.

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Love your reasoning, Rain16. Such a clear logical explanation. I am not logical like you. I wish I was.
Therefore I am not Ti dominant nor an INTP.

I am more of a feeler kind of person. I can make a decision based in feelings. For instance I judge people, and with some people I confirm and adapt to, others (in a few occasions) irritate me and then I cross them out of my life. That doesn't seem to be INTP or INTJ.

I spoke with an ENTP close friend yesterday. She is clearly that. I get tired and need to recharge and I can have weeks alone. She told me I am likely to be a Ni dominant user (INFJ), which probably makes sense, because my brain revolves a lot around insights and also collects a lot of knowledge. Some people say I am a walking Wikipedia because I can talk of science, history, politics, psychology. But I obviously suck at Se topics like car mechanics and in school I wasn't good in arts or sports either. She also said that yes I can be stubborn with my conclusions once reached (Ni?)

The best theory I have come so far is being an INFJ. I do identify very strongly with the idea that INFJ get often stuck in Ni-Ti loops, that's totally me. Going social is the best way to release myself from the black hole of my mind or speak about my insights. It can become a black hole of depression. But too much social time can also get me distracted and lost. I am learning how to balance both.

I am more inclined to see Fe as a second function of INFJ rather than being primary Fi of INFP (I am not so emotional like that). I don't think I have Fe as fourth function typical of INTPs (that's not me either). I could be Fi third function of INTJs but I definitely don't have their Te. Having a secondary Fe is a much better fit.

There are a few things about Fe that I seem to miss.
Sometimes I can also be selfish, self-centered and say "f### with others expectations" as I want to be myself. I want to have my time. That's a bit like a Fi. This is more of a problem in close relationships. But in general I am a people pleaser and this is sometimes a problem (saying no). This is a problem especially in professional life.

Also I don't have too many social manners and that be because of an undeveloped Fe. But I know I can dress well, put some perfume, speak politely and eloquently and there I have my ticket to social integration or even intimacy. At times I can jump from being a 100% introvert to become a highly social person. I can only do that for a certain amount of time! Could this be Fe?

I like to speak out my emotions and insights, very very often. That's probably one of the most dominant sides of my personality. Another Fe trait?

I also don't see myself as a INFP because they seem to be too lacking in thinking, which I definitively have!

Can I read people, which is the hallmark of INFJ? Yes I can. And can I predict situations? Definitively! That's a strong skill I have. Except I miss Se details, lol!

I don't wish to be arrogant about it, as I see it as simply being able to think and project farther into the future that most people would be willing to go. I often use intuitive thinking such as making assumptions. And that's another of my problem that close ones often tell me, especially when I am proven wrong. I can also be manipulative, which is another thing close ones say that I can be at times. For all these reasons I tend to identify much closer with a NiFeTi rather than a FiNeSi.

I also dislike fiction. And I mean, seriously. Its boring. I don't see myself as indulging in fantasy. I indulge a lot in thoughts, patterns, systems, theories. My wife tells me I have too many papers with my theories and mindmaps in my bedroom! I like writing and I like reading books.

Second passing: thanks for your advice of asking friends. I am doing this. The problem is that, despite having many aquaintances, I only have a very few close friends. They all agree with me being a feeler. They say I am mainly an introvert but that I can also be a social person when I want to. And definitely a highly intuitive personality. And that I am an indecisive, idealist, impractical type. They don't know the differences between Fe/Fi, Ni/Ne, so I can't ask them about these.

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Rain 16, I also found your example of God amazing. It clearly described you as an INTP. You just need logical reasons for it.

I was raised non religiously and when I was 20 I discover spirituality and, I guess, God. Still, unlike you, I have no consistency about it. One day I believe in God, but when things go a bit bad, then I found reasons not to believe in anything (I guess I get angry at God!).

I still struggle with understanding the differences between Ni and Ne inside me and how my stacking functions work. I think somehow I am very concerned when a piece of information does not make sense, such as understanding myself (which seems difficult). And somehow I am not yet 100% sure of being a INFJ.

I will give an example of one of my interactions today that might help you clarify what's my type:

My wife types as a ESFJ, she is obviously far more practical, a caregiver oriented to connect with others (and often very affected by others!), and a strong feeler, having Fe as first function.

Today she had a phone call with a female friend that is a more financially comfortable position than we are. She felt triggered and sad and she shared it with me. I listened, nodded, talked a bit too, and sensing that a conflict could be brewing I refrained of talking further. But I felt emotionally very affected, it is as if her emotions just flow into me (Fe?) as I want her to feel at peace. I am not able to be a logical cold man like other men can be. Knowing myself well, this is going to trigger me to take actions that might make her feel better (is this NiFe?) Actions such as meditating with her, of cooking diner for her, give her some extra time alone (away from our child), things that sooth her, and at same time, certainly continue a search for a better paid career from my side, which addresses the topic of money itself.

What first happens after an example.of such a relationship situation is that I retreat and I will probably spend a couple hours alone processing what just happened and let Ni/Ne (whatever is mine) work through information towards a solution.

Another good example: My career search goes in bursts (in the last few months), I don't seem to have a clear solid strategy (underdeveloped Ti/Te?) but I can have an intense and relentless self-absorbed focus on this search. I applied to 10 positions within a month (this doesn't seem to be INFP at all, right?), all carefully crafted and well thought job applications. And I only search for jobs and organisations that work with my own values (such as environmental protection) and in roles of communication, research or fundraising, rather than administration. I judge these preference decisions based in a "feel good" motivation but also some logical reasons (such as reminding myself that I am sensitive to stress and therefore I try to sense if that job position /organisation faces a lot of stress or not. The process is definitely highly complex and explains why I can easily burnout.

What does this tell me about Ni/Ne, Fe/Fi, and Ti/Te?

I feel reluctant of sharing this but I guess it can shed light in my personality type (and also in our relationship).

I wonder if these two examples are a showcase of any INFJ, INTP, or INFP strategies.

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humans come in axis to balance each other or else we’ll be broken.

For this case,
Fi Te or Ti Fe So after using a lot of Fe you have Ti that balancing you, if it gets too unhealthy for you, your mind say “stop there”.

That’s not Fi that’s Ti.
How to distinguish it?
So imagine + and - sides

Ti is intense thinker who is aware of their mind but have feeling fluctuated by others, Fi is intense feeler who is aware of their heart but have a thinking controlled by what is effective to others.

Look at this

Fe Ti

Fe will be on negative side when they absorb too much emotion of others, then Ti come in to play “ah whatever now i’ll be by my self!!” Your Ti remind you to stop not Fi. Ti want to lead you from negative to zero back again, but what is the fuel? It’s your dom stack function.

For INFJ what makes you feel the sense of you again is Ni.
that’s what makes you feel in touch with yourself again. Are you connected with yourself when you’re using your intuition? Like absorbing information, Whether it’s to watch human behaviors, getting insight about a book? and you like to do it alone?
Like for me i feel the sense of my self when i can think and process, clarify, or to connect information and i do it alone.

Te Fi

On the other hand INFP
Fi doesn’t feel overwhelmed by feeling of others, the Te that drags them to feel drained. What makes them tired is not people emotions but providing reasoning, being expected to perform brainstorming ideas and effective practical work. Even they can do it, it just makes them feel drained. So they need to stay away from that to recharge by themselves. This is like positive to zero. If they want to get positive again, look at the dom stack functions which is Fi.

So what makes Fi feel the sense of me again is getting in touch with their own self itself. They feel connected to themselves and know they are connected to themselves. Unlike Ti dom who feel the sense of me when thinking through, Fi dom feel the sense of me when following their heart to be what they like or to find some activity that connected to themselves, Fi likes to connect to themselves!! They’ll be “my fav color is blue i want it to be some color of blue” or doing activity that there’s a sense of me.

What about Fe dom?
Since they’re Fe is what makes them feel connected to themselves like helping and connect to people, so whenever their Fe being attacked by outside emotions, the Ti drags them back, but the energy to drag it coming from Fe themselves, means they need another people good emotions to feel good again.

What i want to highlight is Introverted help us regain conscious about ourself, extroverted help us regain conscious about outside world and prevent us to be bored.
Dominant stack function helps us charge energy, inferior stack functions help us to learn.

This is why i want to study MBTI coz it’s make sense. People who argue mbti is baseless probably have not gone deep enough.

So if you absorb people emotions that it somehow makes your heart bitter (affect your personal being) for a short time, you are Fe. Definitely Fe. Fi can understand how people feel and imagine themselves being that person but they’re still stand on their own ground, and are sober.

Ne vs Ni
Now let’s add axis to make it easier

Ne pick information in short impression and is outside oriented, information is not attached to personal, so they will be the type of people who like to gather information from different perspectives as much as possible no matter if that information seemed opposing one another and only trust it after processing them with processing stack functions either Feeling or Thinking. Later on when needed, they can solidify it by giving example from personal experience (si) “when i was on that position...”

While Ni takes time when they intuitively perceive information. they see information with their own personal views and only choose what informations they need but they can go beyond and advance their provision about more than that information itself with the help of Se. Unconsciously you absorb outside sensory stimulation to form your Ni. You can scan whatever is happening outside your personal experience, you don’t compare it to personal experience. You see concrete stimulation as it is.

Now to distinguish INTP and INFJ
Imagine you are outside in peaceful environment, for Intp since they live in the head they usually feel dizzy with loudness, but are not aware of little subtleties like sounds of bird, a murmur, people walking, they’re not sensitive to it because they’re mind is busy, the sign is many Intp will usually have experience in their life of being not aware when going outside “ ow no,, there is a hole in my dress” “my shoelace is broken”

While infj even the last function, they are Se. Even the loudness makes them feel drained, but they can scan Environment well. They are aware of physical and sensory stimulation. They’ll be good at spotting and scanning new environment. The subtle sounds, they can see clear.

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I actually has already think through so much ups and downs before i decide to believe in God, i am the opposite of you, Raised in asian family who has religion and tradition, when i was kid i follow the teaching. Until in my 20th i started to doubt it. Imagine in my alone time i said “God if you really exist, let me take this journey to make my self assured, and show me proves if you are really there” then i stopped following my religion tradition i feel guilty because suddenly people around me start to leave me due to my unpredictable behaviors in fact, i was trying to find proves. Actually there were so many deep thinking before i decided there is a power out there controlling us. But it’s going to be long explanation and i don’t think people are interested enough. It has something to do with physics, relativity, infinity and black holes, also negative and positive energy that neutralized each other, picking on stephen howking and einstein understanding and also latest finding that black holes really exist. And i always think how weird this kind of talks.

Infj often difficult knowing themselves but they have to trust their intuition. It’s usually right. Look, i don’t really like spending my time in perceiving information, i am eagerly to connect and deduce it but i am open to new different ones coming in, If you are infj you care information must be well absorbed first with your intuition before you assessing it with feeling. So based on your story, you show a tendency to sort out and deduce the feeling of information not the information itself.

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Wow, I am delighted with your explanation.

It's very clear. And eloquently put.

It helps me understand that, for example, I can't have Fi. I derive my identity through thinking rather than feeling. When I am alone, I usually don't feel emotions or fantasy. But with other people I feel a lot of emotions.

And that is when I have Ti pulling me out of overly emotional situations, such as the one I told you. It seems that my experience as an INFJ works like a pendulum: too much emotion coming from the outside (Fe) forces me returns to thinking (Ti) or otherwise I could explode emotionally. Too much thinking and I want to talk about it (Fe) so I don't get stuck in the Ni-Ti loop.

Ti also helps me checking my intuitive observations. Pure guesses are tested against thinking.

To distinguish INTP and INFJ:
My sense is that INFJ are considerably more social and easy going in social situations than an INTP. Because of our top sensing function, INFJs can be more controlling of chaos and future possibilities. I freak out estimating always worst case scenarios (and best ones too). P is probably more fluid and going with flow.

When alone in nature, I think we could be similar when seen from an outside perspective. Both of us potentially self-absorbed in thoughts.

Lower Se:
I also notice how physical sport is good for me (Se) or cleaning the house comes up when my mind is overused. Physical pleasures can also relieve excess Ni. I used to be quite bohemian in my twenties, during s period where I probably go too unbalanced towards Fe. iNTPs are probably more steady than this, and with tendency to be overly social or drama queens or attention seekers (all potential pitfalls for an INFJ)

Ne versus Ni
Would you say that Ne makes you more curious to diverse strings of knowledge than Ni? Or perhaps wider and shallower? (I tend to go very deep on a specific topic. And sometimes the entire boat, me, sinks with it) Or perhaps are INTPs always ready to entertain a new possibility? This might result in more creativity for your type. My experience is that I often encounter analysis paralysis when I narrow too much and when I have a range of available options and none works. Then I get stuck whilst you probably can come with a insightful solution more easily than I do. This I believe might make you a better scientist than many other types (or in IT).

Are INTP also interested in things like social sciences, psychology, politics, the common fields of INFJs?

Finally I am also curious about your Si. How do you experience it? Does this means you test more against previous and well-established knowledge? A better memory than average? But less attentiveness in the present moment? Is Si good for storytelling? (Interestingly enough I often do storytelling when I am in a social situation). Perhaps storytelling is more of a Fe thing, as storytelling is quite personal-oriented. I think a good way of talking about Si or No is how we chose to organise our kitchen, or our clothes drawer, or our book library. I tend to sort books thematically, and setting most read books or favourite books to one side. In the kitchen, I tend towards ease of use so each food ingredient can jump to my eye when looking for them (because of inferior S). My clothes tend to be well organised (and I tend towards wishing fragility of options). I am not too attached to my possessions but ai get grumpy when someone objects out of their location (which probably reinforces my IJ nature)

All in all, I am more confident with my diagnosis as an INFJ. I will keep testing this conclusion to see if it holds.

Finally, regarding God, my Ni-Fe tells me this information is worth receiving (your theory). You might wish to share more about it, via a private message.

for me. I used to just jump to assumptions or trust intuitions and, despite often incredible intuitive guesses, sometimes I am wrong and so I learn to recheck intuitive observations against thinking (Ti) and feeling.

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I am still very confused.

When things aren't coeherent, then I have a problem with it. I have a few problems that make me favor typing as a INFP actually:

1) in the grip of inferior function
I watched videos of INFJs and INFPs dealing with a conflict or being in the grip of their inferior function. I absolutely don't go hedonist or crazy drinking/driving when highly stressed. With my wife (a dominant Fe) in conflicts I go Te, become critical and trying to right wrongs. There goes one good reason to lean towards being a INFP rather than INFJ.

2) I am a poor listener and talk a lot about my stories and my feelings. That seems far more INFP again. I also have a lack of appropriateness/ paying attention to social manners (Fe).

3) I react easily to criticism but I guess both INFs do that. I do initiate conflicts easily when something does not comfort to my expectations but that's usually only in private intimate situations (family, friendships, sometimes a work colleague). Again this doesn't seem to match a INFJ behaviour.

4) I suffer from indecisiveness (much more in the past) and I used to suffer from escapism, procastination and be a kind of wanderer, common traits of INFP.

Now in favor of being of INFJ:
5) Reading books. I absolutely hate non-fiction and I am not too much into arts. So this is a reason to lean towards being a INFJ rather than a INFP.

6) more importantly, I am usually quite emotionless but social situations trigger a lot of emotions as they contradict my expectations, they stress me, demands of time and space or when asked to do many tasks. I also can have an intense focus of my mind/thinking, to the point of becoming self-absorbed. This also makes me think if I am a INTP (the inferior Fe could make sense and I could be confusing my strong opinions and likes as a disguised Ti).

7) I have a huge amount of N and low S (I often miss sensorial observations) like forgetting where I left my keys, or forget to fix or maintain some object like a car. This favours a INTJ or ENFP typing but so can also be a INFP with excessive Ne. I am very sensitive to stress and external stimulus. Being in nature and away from people is very nurturing for me.

7) I wouldn't say that I am biased towards feeling like INFPs. I make a lot of decisions, such as career, based in thinking and analysis. Nonetheless I don't seem to thrive with logical skills that well. But again this doesn't invalidate the possibility of being an INTP.

But my sudden shifts between being an introvert usually and occasionally going very extrovert, enthusiastic and expressive with people (including newly met people) makes me think it's unlikely to be an INTP.

Rejection of other types:
  • I couldn't be a INTJ (I suck at Te even more than Fe).
  • I also couldn't be a INTP (I have strong likes and dislikes, emotional reactions, when making decisions).
  • I can't be a ENFP (I am by far an introvert, I cannot see myself having Te as a middle function, I am not an optimist like most ENFPs, I don't fit the stereotype, and they usually grip in Si when I stress, in obsessive manners, which is a very alien thing for me)

My sense of analysis paralysis makes me wonder if so am missing any sort of information as nothing is making sense for me now!!

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To be honest, i typed you INTP the first time... you see the conversation from the first again haha. it doesn’t have something to do with being emotional. Every human have emotions. Take a time to look back at our conversation again. Look at it carefully. Along with infj, intp often mistyped too.

I am not good at reading people but i can help you with reading information.

To me inferior functions is not about how we act, but what makes us feel the burdens. So for example Fe inferior functions when in stress they don’t want to be disturbed at all and can be very sharp tongue when people disturb us, we want to save our self due to the increasing of sensitivity toward people’s judgments of us that you show it with Ti. So you want to get free

Now here’s to distinguish it again
You mentioned before, you can’t have even tiny bit of information seems not aligned, it’s actually strong indication of Ti that we ignored here.

Here’s the similarities, over listening to something as what INFJ likes, getting insights, i prefer to talk my opinions and share each other, i have a sort of information most of the time people who has superior functions in perceiving stack functions like Ne/Ni or Se/Si they care about receiving idea more than giving their thinking. In class they like asking questions because they want to hear it more, while Ti they like answers questions, or ask questions if it makes them interested.

Next you can be a thinker but you dismiss it just because you don’t see the result of your thinking yet while in fact you think a lot.

You don’t mind to try any idea to fit and are actually very open to see where it can be, it should be like me!! Not INFJ

Just probably, the reason i can give a bit of information and make explanations about mbti because i takes more time than you in collecting informations. In fact you are a Ti too.
so if your cognitive functions seemed very careful about assessing what is right or what is wrong even to a very tiny sign of information being not aligned yet you have no base which one to choose when it’s not clear yet, you can b intp. Infj have a tendency to pick which information to take in.

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Also if i want to differentiate two types i will take a whole evaluation even to the last functions. If your inferior seems like the person i mentioned above, it means you can be INTP. When i am in stress my sensitivity to people judgment is increasing a lot, causing me to use my Ti in unhealthy way, i becomes very cynical and selfish. Even so the more i do it the more it breaks me as i feel very guilty and grow self hate of doing it as i keep on increasing selfishness. What can makes me feel relaxed again is to take some interesting topic to think, or if i found some kind of mysterious and interesting question to dig in.

Intp can be very caring people don’t know that maybe. Intp have fe.

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While infp when in inferior functions, the sensitivity illogical is increased, So they will act like a smart people, they will criticize people for the acts of being incompetent. I see from some source here.

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I am more confident that I might be indeed an INTP.

Despite sometimes fitting the dreamy soft sincere stereotype of an INFP, I definitely do not identify with having Te as inferior function and demon Ti. In a conflict I can throw sharp critical words, which in a subtle way are a part of my strong thinking nature. I cannot identify myself as an INFPs for these reasons.

But I feel emotions often, I make value judgements, Intend to have a caring nature, I can read others, and I am sensitive to criticism, especially during conflicts. This is most likely Fe in inferior function, which seems to be quite well developed and experienced. I mean 15 years ago I was writing poetry and dancing music.

My partner being Fe dominant triggers this often. Otherwise when I am alone (and I don't hear music) I can be emotionally neutral for long periods of time. This sounds much more INTP than INFP, right?

Now, INFJ. I often type as such and I read people well and like psychology. This is why I type as them. But I met an INFJ friend and it was clear, as we speak, how more keenly Fe he is than me. He is not a super strong Fe but he does that quite naturally without being aware of, more than me. He doesn't speak as much of himself as I do. He has Ti but mine seems more exagerated. We both like to focus intensively in a subject but I now perceive this to be his Ni and my Ti, which can seem similar as dominant functions. In a typical J fashion, he needs more control over life than me, tending towards perfectionism, something than I have less tendency. I could still be an INFJ but it seems to be less likely than being an INTP.

I guess the key is to ask the differences of how OINTPs and INFJs behave with their functions:

Sleep loops Ni-Ti versus Ti-Si
Consume/ gather Ti-Se versus Ti-Ne
Blast/ speak Ni-Fe versus Si-Fe
Play Ni-Fe versus Si-Fe

The INTP seems to get more stuck on a rut (with sleep) or melancholic perhaps (Si). Both get stuck in their heads.

The INTP gathers more abstract facts and observations and patterns and novelty, while INFJ gathers real present moment observations (Se). The INFJ has more trouble with this. The INFJ is probably less head in the clouds than the INTP for this reason.

The INTP is less prone to speak but when he does he can get enthusiastic with others (Fe) and share it's stored knowledge (Si). INFJs share their intuitions (Ni) with others rather than knowledge.

Play function, the most challenging one for both. Ne-Fe for INTP probably manifests in more peculiar and funny creative ways in contrast to more physical pleasure style Se-Fe for INFJ. Both would be quite social in their play and their most extroverted side. And that makes them less loners than INFPs for this reason (and INFPs have Te instead of Fe).

INTP can therefore become quite social if they connect with their inferior Fe. And I am can be very social at times, when I want, and I can be quite comfortable with it and with emotions too, and talking enthusiastically with people. That's my Fe side. This goes totally against the KINTP stereotype but it's easily explained by what I just said. In intimate relationships I can still be challenged by excessive Fe, or more importantly, a lack of Ti.

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Bear in mind that EII /= INFP. Most people that get an EII-result on the socionics test are MBTI-INFJs. Functions are so differently defined in the two systems, that you can‘t say MBTI-Te and Socionics Te are the same. They use the same terms to describe something very different.

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Another reason is it seems i really get your explanation and you do the same, this is one of the sign both of us maybe using the same stack function. Everything you explained there match what i have experience to some extend and level. But still I think people can not be 100% the same even if mbti categorize them into 16personality only. Even to INTP alone, everyone can have a different amount of Thinking vs Feeling, for example one intp can have 60% introverted thinking and by this they have such enough amount for feeling which is 40% Extroverted feeling. Another one can have 80% of Ti and 20% of Fe and this is where people love to generalize that intp is robot, intp don’t have emotions. Maybe they appear cold but no matter what they still have fe tho. And What is not changed and the mbti system is we can not have both feeling introverted and thinking introverted or feeling extroverted and thinking in extroverted. Perhaps it is because we can’t do the opposite thing at the same time, if we think intensely of course our heart goes blank because your mind occupies yourself and so the other way around.

And I believe it is natural and can not be changed. Coz i always feel No matter how much i train my Fe so that i can be more comfortable to do it, it is STILL SOMETHING I DON’T LIKE compare to having time alone with my own mind.

And Fe dom means they’re extrovert who loves people sincerely, it’s going to be very different of Ti who charge energy when alone.

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I also every read a story about dom Fe woman who has husband INTP, she said that nobody knows when intp loves someone their fe side can come out, for her case he can be very caring, he created a song for her. I do believe intp out there can be sensitive especially when their fe is activated.

To me who are less likely to be sensitive is a Te dom and Se dom ENTJ, ESTJ, ESTP, ENTP, ISTJ, ISTP.

I always think every intuitive person can easily read the nuances and impressions so this is what makes them be very fast in spotting emotions instead of sensing dominant users or Te dominant who want to eliminate that and want to be practical.

For intp they can be insensitive when they are highly using their Ti, at that moment they can care less about others. Especially when alone.
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