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First thing first, I'm sorry about my bad english.

I read something about that, and I was saw another knowledge about that how 8 function compenently works. I guess we can fix somewhere that understanding the all functions working. Firstly lets look at this:

Maybe we can understand better all functions working. I didn't agree componently Akhromant but functions stacks is really looking okay. Normally Bebee saying those two things:


It's cool, but yes, doesn't work logically I guess. Okay, I'm an INTP: That's mean Ti-Ne-Si-Fe function stack. Alright, but then -I assume we are done about what is the T, F or anything else- we need to explain how other 4 functions impact on us.
For Bebee:

For me:

Spine Part (Expalin for Hero, Anima/Animus, Opposing Personality, Demon):

Ti hero. Ti explains Fi through itself. Fi is condemned to Ti, obsessed with this. Always trying to understand Fi through itself, and it will resist the opposite. Te is the enemy. Since Te is blind to Ti and Te is doomed to Fe - the same as I said for Ti and Fi - the efficiency of the outside world is related to what the mass feels and adapts together. So, Te is the actually 'Opposing Demon' and Fe too 'Demon'. An INTP emotional rotate Ti>Fi>Fe>Te, (Ti>Fi) and (Fe>Te) = Ti[Fi]>Fe[Te]. Fi depends on Ti, Te depends on Fe, and Ti and Fe relate each other but how? Fe and especially Te will be under the control and need to be careful. Fe need to optimize by Ti, because Ti know the Fi what want. Tryin to find or maybe weakly create a Fe organization match with Fi. Te is the natural fenomen, not directly. INTP against the directly Te using, angry about that. Anarchist against those things: useless authority, useless optimize and prosedure. We got it Ti, Fi, Te and Fe expaling for INTP. On this mechanics, we can explain anything else.

Arm Part (Explain for Parrent, Child, Witch/Senex, Trickster):

Ne parrent. Ne, want to realizing what be happen/can. Not all possibilities, just one! All other possibilities just for understand the one right possibility. And this about the intuition. Irrational thing. Trying to found one right possition. So, this is using for Ti. And Se explaining through Ne. Se include the objective reality design, but Ne asking about is that okay? The current state exists for the likelihood criterion. Ne searching, it is an ideal situation. Se just one part of it, maybe wrong or whatever. (Ne>Se) = Ne[Se] -> Ne using for INTP. In this situation, N information and E oriantation is full and using directly. Si is that mean, "I want to stabil surrounding, because my mind can't be stabil enough and i want the reach deeply of it. Understandind the logical explain for everything to super position the objects."So, that mean they are only wanting stabil and lovely, liked and okay surrounding. They don't want to problem about that surrounding, it's so stressful. Ni is horrible, and in that mean, ALL OF POSSIBILITY SEA. Don't want to chaos, chaos shouldn't be. We can't create a surrounding randomly or anyway, we can't see a surrounding what we want. Moment not itself a main thing. Moment is the just part of big thing, and this thing is continuity. We can't do anything randomly, we can't create a chaos, we can't create a social system with big problem -as well as our days- we can't accept that too or we can't fit that shit. System cannot be based on consent, it is based on coercion. So, (Si>Ni) = Si[Ni] -> Si using for INTP. Ne>Si for Aux.>Tert.

It is the INTP functional using. Ti[Fi] against Te > Ne[Se] against Si > Si[Ni] against Se > Fe[Te] against Ti. Psyche is a mechanism. It is a circle or something like that. We focused on some functions in a conscious sense biologically. Here, these are the types. We all have all type in it. The places they hold are different or completely obscured.
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