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Hello everyone!!!

Since I get requests from people who'd like to purchase prints of my collage artwork I am now willing to put them on sale. :happy:

Every one of them is going to be a high quality unique print (A2 matte coated 180 grams) and I'll personally sign them. :kitteh:

You'll not only receive a beautiful print, you'll also help me survive (literally). :blushed:

Your damage is going to be 60 euros + shipping costs (depending on where you're from, from 6,75 till 17,10 euros)

If you'd like to purchase a print please send me a private message or send a mail to [email protected] with the title of the print you'd like to have + your address.

You can see all of my collages over here WV Collages
My default portfolio can be found on

Here's a selection:




LED Bowl series #1


Flying Feathers series (#2)

Flying Feathers series (#13)

Flying Feathers series (#14)

Remnants series (Bridge)

Writer's block

Thanks for reading!

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These are awesome. I don't think we're allowed to advertise on here though :( If we were, I would have done it years ago lol.
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