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Unkown number thread

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If you get a call from an unknown number, and they don't leave a message, and you've missed the call.

1. Who do you first assume called you?

2. Why would they call you from the unknown number?

This can either be from an actual experience, or, a story you've made up in your imagination.

I haven't thought this through very much, but I always assume it's one friend in particular, who got into trouble and is using their only phone call from the precinct. I might use my friday night to make this into a story :p
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With your profile pic, makes me think of that

DISCLAIMER: Mild horror.
My magnificent dick-head of a friend James.
He periodically pranks me in likeness of a middle eastern man because he's a drunken mess and I'll happily oblige as long as he isn't sober.
yea..pretty much lol
Debt collector?
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In reality, I'd assume it was someone who just called the wrong number.

I'd think about it being a stalker who was too nervous to actually talk to me, though. I've never had a stalker, it's just something I like to speculate about.
I assume it was someone who was trying to tell me that I really want to order their magazine or I won the lottery.
Scammers. Husband and I Google all unknown numbers coming into our house anyways.
Probably someone too old to understand what a mobile phone is, and called home because he needed my parents.
It's definitely something related to their work, because I never get called at home. Whoever wants to reach me knows I need to be called on my mobile or on skype. :\
That, or some telemarketer.
My first thought is that somebody called because of some urgent matter that will get me into trouble if I don't call back.
I always assume it is a debt collector.
My first thought is always that it's my ex-gf calling to get back together. And she's calling from an unknown number so my wife wouldn't know it's her. Hmm.. Just a thought, though. Unfortunately, the caller always turns out to be either a telemarketer or a solicitor.
And trust me, I get a lot of such calls that I got used to it. I don't get mad anymore because I figured, why stress myself out when I can annoy them instead? Hmm.. I have a lot of pranks tips I found at Callercenter. They work like magic. One prank and they never call back. Hahaha!
I assume nothing, because I honestly don't care. If it were important, they'd try again.
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Usually a wrong number. Last year I had this guy who kept calling and leaving messages on my phone about picking up some wood or something. He always called when my phone was off so I never had a callback number to call and tell him I wasn't this "Mike" guy he was looking for. Or those damn political surveys.
I usually check the number via google to see the area code, ect. and try and narrow it down. Other than that, they can fuck off. FUNNY STORY TIME:

So I got a text from someone that was like "I'm lonely, I want to see you. Do you want to meet me at X for a drink?" I asked who she was and she said she was Sara's friend. Now, I was at a party a few nights before and I remember talking to a girl who was friends with a Sara so I assumed it was her. I had plans, but I told her I'd meet her another night.

So we text each other on and off for a few weeks. It started with "I'm lonely, I want to see you." then turned into "I want you so bad." ect ect from her. So naturally my inner Tiger Woods kicked in and I began to escelate things. Then finally she said a different guys name and I was like WTF this isn't Ashley?!?!?! And she's like no... this isn't Dave? or whatever the guys name was. FACEPALM.

So basically we both thought we were takling to someone else, and flirting and shit but we both had the wrong number. So I told her listen, you seem cool so if you're hot we should meet for that drink, otherwise delete my number off your phone. She didn;t text me back so I assume she was a beast. CRAZY TIMES!!! :crazy::crazy::crazy:
land line- someone i dont want to speak to (its never for me, everyone i'd want to speak to has my mobile number, if i lived alone i'd unplug tyhe phone and just use the line for the internet, i cant hear the thing ringing when im in my room anyway(ie most of the time))

mobile - someone trying to sell me something (i rarely bother answering unknown's anyway)
People never call me. Its quite sad.
"Unknown Numbers" as well as "Long Distance" calls that show up from area codes all over the globe are generally scam artists. Many want to get your credit card info. If you pick up the phone during such a call, you get this automated message saying that something is wrong with your credit card and that you need to give them your number- *don't ever do this*, by the way. Another one that seems to be popular (in Canada at least, possibly elsewhere, too) is calls from scammers who are trying to install software on your computer. My husband dealt with one of them.

Him: "If something is wrong with our computer, please tell me what our IP address is."

Scam Caller: *Hangs up phone abruptly*.

I wish I could report these assholes- they are operating outside of law. Unfortunately, it's hard to catch crooks like this.
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