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On every single online MBTI test I've ever taken, I've turned up INTP. I've even taken it by filling in the opposite of what I would usually answer and in those cases I come up as ESFJ, so...
Ti and Si

I'm not 100% sure,
though, so maybe someone with more experience can help me out.
Ni, Fe,

Somebody posted a questionnaire
Fe, ti
but some of the questions I have no idea how to answer so I'll just throw down a few tidbits here and there regarding the things I do
Ti, Si and Ni, little bit Ne

-I'm not particularly great at things like math.
Ti and Te

-I think I have a lot of interests typically associated with "F"-types, like art and music
Art and Music is more generally more 'S'

(that said, I'm more interested in art and music from a technical standpoint-- I prefer dissecting art pieces and musical pieces and looking at what techniques were used to achieve the final product).
This is Ti, Se a little bit Si (What you see and hear, and then breaking it down in to principles and sub principles)
Introverted ThinkingAnalyzing, categorizing, and evaluating according to principles

Extraverted SensingExperiencing and acting in the immediate context.
-I'm actually very friendly and I can be outgoing, and while I can't stand smalltalk, I'm good at it. When I get talking about things I like, too, I get very expressive and enthusiastic and I don't shut the hell up. I can make friends very easily, but oftentimes I don't do anything to maintain that friendship because I intentionally isolate myself. I dunno.
Fe and a bit of Fi

-I don't even know what kind of things I want in life at this point because I change my mind so much. I kind of want to do everything. I want to be a neuroscientist but also a harpist and a professional bellydancer and also a videogame designer and a history professor.

-Not knowing something I'm expected to know and everybody else nearby does is the #1 way to make me feel inferior.
Fe because you want to not be disconnected. Ti and fe because it's involving a principle you cannot reach a conclusion for them

-I weigh the pros and cons and look at every possible scenario I can think of before I make a decision.
Ni or Ne depending on which methods you are using when you look at each 'scenario'

-I have a tendency to start things and not finish them.

-I'm not a "hands-on" person most of the time.
little less Se.
-Outwardly, I seem disorganized, but everything is arranged in a way that I can find the things I need.
N and T and some Si
-When I want to learn something new, I devour everything I can about it and come up with scenarios in my head regarding the topic I'm currently obsessing over.
Sounds N to me, quite often an Ne thing if you then drop it 2 days later for another idea, Ni if you might not
-I think before talking, definitely. I frequently pause between words when I'm speaking so that I can find the exact word to convey what I'm thinking. I also don't talk with my hands at all.
That's very T
-I strongly believe that what someone says is way more important than how they say it. I don't care if somebody is being a total douchebag, if they have something valuable to say, that's what counts.
that's Ni and Fe
-I don't like working in groups.
Ni or Ti
-I don't spring to action. I want to know all the details first.
-I'm fairly sure the friends that I have all perceive me differently. I have one that would probably view me as a sassy loudmouth, and another that would view me as very quiet and lost in thought most of the time.
Ti, Ni, Si
-I don't like people who focus on tiny details when there's something much bigger at hand.
Fi, N

Ti seems to be dominant and over Te, I'd say more Ne over Ni based on your personality and habitual traits, Si seems to be over Se, and Fe, Fi seems to be both developed, sometimes you want to be connected to the group, other times you weigh your own personal value systems, you prefer to work alone but overall it's also important that you hear people out, and they hear you out, you consider others, but get lost in Ti and become a Cave Goblin. Your Si stores those principles you analyzed and saves them for later, and you constantly file your thoughts to recall when you're seeking detailed data, which means you can produce great works if you follow those principles and are well fed, guided ect. Si can also be in the future, thinking how the future food should taste, what that person will look like, what that test will be like, it can use the past to direct in to the future so generally an Si person is often lost in thought, you may come back to the present when you are using Fe

So you've sort of got a few dynamics to the personality, that part of you that considers others and takes what they are saying as very important despite they are a hobo or a cat which is the Fe coming out in you. Then you have that Ti which is like a super computer going through all these different principles and sub principles getting lost in a World of thought, to me, your N is laying out ground work for you ti to have at it. In my opinion you can squeeze in to INTP with a pretty decent fit, but you'll probably find you have an oddly developed function or two in your Shadow processes which can ultimately change the possibilities around, or you could be content with a couple of oddly developed functions, but it's more so on what your Brain naturally favours anyway, you are all 16 personalities probably just more INTP then some others, but that's my opinion for you.
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