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This book is the perfect example of self-validation.

There were many infiltrators and rogues with their own agenda in the standing rock camps. None of which had any association with the coalition present, or the oceti sakowin family.

There were, and are, people from all over the world united by this threat. Some were outsiders who snuck in with rifles attempting only God knows what. A lone gunman, could have killed many water protectors, if he decided to fire. He had the rifle loaded, ready, and aimed at water protectors during a standoff in the month of October 2016.

As stated in her description, most, if not all, her sources are from Morton county. They were entirely against the water protectors, and the oceti. Their courts ruled in favor of the oil companies despite the casualties. Some of which included lost of sight and paralysis. Her few and limited sources cannot speak for thousands.

There was a concert in the area during the camps’ peak of population but I was told that it did not represent the water protectors, and the attendees only polluted the area. I was told also that there were no proceeds donated by the event.

The Water Protectors are defending the waters of people endangered by a greedy and reckless enterprise. Oil pipelines are expected to malfunction and are highly likely to spill their contents. If that pipeline bursts over the Canonball river, it could infect the entire Missouri river. Raw oil is Radioactive!

Nor has Julie R. Neidlinger properly grasped the concept of the black snake.
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