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I feel like, in many ways, there is a sort of...misunderstanding about the types. All too often, ENFPs are confused with ESFPs. INTJs with ISTJs. I think, in some ways, this is a remnant of thinking through the dichotomies. And, in another way, it's a remnant of the simplified axial system we've understood. "All that needs to be done is replace the axes and you'll get a completely different type!" And I think it's problematic. What results is a rather blurred conception of what the individual type is. Instead, I suggest we use what little we do know of Model B to help give us a better impression.

This is imported from Tellus, as I think he summarizes the core concepts of each of the functions rather succinctly.

+/- IM elements and valued/unvalued functions

a) Quality
"+" Maximizing the positive. Competence only in the field of positive properties. Avoidance, fear of negative.
"-" Priority to leave [move away from] the negative. Competence in both positive and negative fields.

b) Scale
"+" Close Up, locality, the detail in the limited area of competence.
"-" The general plan, globality, universality.

c) Direction
"+" Inside, into the area of responsibility. Protecting yours.
"-" Outside, capturing of new, influence.

d) Distance
"+" Close psychological distance.
"-" Large psychological distance.

Sensing of forms (-Si): harmony, aesthetics, beauty
Sensing of perceptions (+Si): cosiness, comfort, pleasant sensations
Material space (-Se): strength, power, control
Psychological (virtual) space (+Se): profit, benefit, gain
Intuition of Time (-Ni): destiny, prevision, fatefulness
Dynamics of actions (+Ni): topicality, timeliness, tendencies
Ethical intuition (-Ne): potential, personality traits, understanding, insight
Object intuition (+Ne): alternatives, possibilities, interpretation, guess, obviousness
Logic of learning (-Ti): system, regularity
Logic of management (+Ti): right, rule
Logic of processes (-Te): processes, technologies
Logic of objects (+Te): things, objects
Territorial ethics (-Fi): influence, rapprochement, repulsion
Ethics of understanding (+Fi): sympathy, affection, benevolent relation
Emotions of sensations (-Fe): emotional force, energy boiling, emotions passed over through tactile, taste or other sensor vocabulary (sour expression, sugary voice, he makes me sick...)
Emotions of events (+Fe): play of feelings, absence of sensory component in vocabulary

INTP: (system, regularity) then (alternatives, possibilities, interpretation, guess, obviousness)

ENTP: (alternatives, possibilities, interpretation, guess, obviousness) then (system, regularity)

ISFJ: (cosiness, comfort, pleasant sensations) then (emotional force, energy boiling, emotions passed over through tactile, taste or other sensor vocabulary)

ESFJ: (emotional force, energy boiling, emotions passed over through tactile, taste or other sensor vocabulary) then (cosiness, comfort, pleasant sensations)


ISTP: (right, rule) then (strength, power, control)

ESTP: (strength, power, control) then (right, rule)

INFJ: (destiny, prevision, fatefulness) then (play of feelings, absence of sensory component in vocabulary)

ENFJ: (play of feelings, absence of sensory component in vocabulary) then (destiny, prevision, fatefulness)


ISFP: (influence, rapprochement, repulsion) then (profit, benefit, gain)

ESFP: (profit, benefit, gain) then (influence, rapprochement, repulsion)

INTJ: (topicality, timeliness, tendencies) then (processes, technologies)

ENTJ: (processes, technologies) then (topicality, timeliness, tendencies)


INFP: (sympathy, affection, benevolent relation) then (potential, personality traits, understanding, insight)

ENFP: (potential, personality traits, understanding, insight) then (sympathy, affection, benevolent relation)

ISTJ: (harmony, aesthetics, beauty) then (things, objects)

ESTJ: (things, objects) then (harmony, aesthetics, beauty)


Does that not reveal something a little bit different, then?
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