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I posted about this in the cog. functions section but maybe some fellow INFPs will know what I'm talkin about..
So I've been having this thing happen lately where I feel as if I'm seeing things from a unique perspective, one that I don't typically use. It sounds a little nutty, but I will randomly have a thought pop into my head and it will seem so insightful, like it couldn't possibly be wrong (although I don't always have proof). Supposedly INFPs are Ne users, and I can definitely see that in myself because I'm always considering alternatives and drawing loose conclusions between all kinds of different things..but it always just feels like possibilities. Its just my usual stream of ideas that could be genius or total crap. But this other perspective is out of character. For example, quickly putting together recent events and realizing why someone did something, or resenting someone's behavior but then immediately realizing that I have done the same thing & they shouldn't be judged so harshly. I know that last one sounds like a feeling function but it seems liberating, as if I finally understand things that I never understood. It feels like how I imagine Buddhists feel things have fallen into place and it tends to eliminate my usual biases in a way (although briefly). Very abstract, but anyway the reason I'm so interested is bc it feels as if I'm more rational and mature when thinking in this way, and I wish I could be like this all the time.

What function would you say this relates to?

The reason I was thinking Ni is because this description of it is EXACTLY what I've been experiencing:
"Introverted iNtuiting involves synthesizing the seemingly paradoxical or contradictory, which takes understanding to a new level. Using this process, we can have moments when completely new, unimagined realizations come to us. A disengagement from interactions in the room occurs, followed by a sudden "Aha!" or "That's it!" The sense of the future and the realizations that come from introverted iNtuiting have a sureness and an imperative quality. This process can involve thinking or conceiving of symbolic or novel ways to understand things that are universal. It can lead to creating transcendent experiences or solutions."
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