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Utterly confused after a trip overseas :/

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(And i thought after I tested as ENTP rather than ENFP things would get clearer long-term :/)

Hello people! I was more active in June but then got really confused about my type after I went to Korea in July!
After I came back I realised that I was extremely similar to an ESTP, and all my ENTP traits (or what i perceived them to be) were missing. I realise i sound very vague but yeahhh it's like I can't argue my points out clearly anymore):
I went to Korea for some Mathematics competition, (and yes i flunked it) and we spent most of the time talking rubbish and doing nothing in general except being random and playing bridge.
But yeah. I can't seem to think of much at the moment (my friends say I lost my brain in Korea along with my other stuff) so basically if yall have the time feel free to ask me questions :D and i will answer them as honestly as i can.
I've tested for ENTP, ESTP, INTP, ISTP, ENTJ. :D my functions are in my signature:)
Any help is greatly appreciated:)
Thanks in advance!
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Function test is a bit rubbish, tbh. Although according to the one you have taken you are INTP.

N vs. S is the most difficult to pick, I think. Only because it is the most difficult arena to put yourself into the opposite viewpoint. I just don't "get" S, at all.
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i've been getting increasingly confused at the moment but yay confusion 8D)
i've been looking at the profiles, and at my old thoughts (like i would write them on my bookmarks whenever i felt like i needed to express something) and i think i changed a lot in how i processed my thoughts. i used to be very clear on what my thoughts were but after Korea they just got mucked up and yep now i realise i don't even bother being curious anymore.
at the intp thing, i read somewhere in PerC (i think) about ENTP teenagers and acting like INTPs.
not sure though...
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