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I have been looking at and studying my variant stacking lately, as anyone who follows my threads would know, and while I previously had a stacking as SP., So., Sx., I have recently discovered after much soul searching and studying, that I actually have almost, if not, an equal abundance of all three! This makes so much sense to me because I have always lived me life feeling confused about myself and what I want; feeling like there was not enough of me to go around because I was spreading myself too thin between various things and aspects in my life that were so important to me, and I was never able to choose what has mattered most. In essence, it kind of feels like there are a lot of different mes in myself and they are all coexisting simultaneously, but they each have their own agenda and want me to behave in a way that will help them to fulfill that agenda. I wonder if this is true for other 6s?
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