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I don't think I long range plan very much. The only planning I really do is to make sure to lay out enough time to get my homework assignments or projects done for the week. I will make sure every detail is prepared. I'll do all my graduate school applications one at a time in my free time to make sure I don't miss any deadlines.

As far as grad school goes, I haven't done any long range planning for what I want to do after that (I know I want to be an accountant, but I haven't given much though to what firm I want to work for, for example).

When it comes to long term planning, I bet I would do stuff like start saving for my 401k early (no job yet) and saving for a house. And if I were to decide to go on a vacation that year, I might try to plan early so that I could get the best rates on stuff (like plane tickets and what not).

But really, I don't see what's the point of doing too much long-term planning. Many of your long-term goals may change over time and with new experiences. Maybe your father does it because he's older and has figured out what he wants out of life, as well as what types of goals he wants to fulfill ? So maybe it coems with age?

I'm rambling.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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