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Variations on J Types

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When I was first introduced to the MBTI the first thing I could say without a doubt was that I am a J through and through. Lately I've been seeing the subtle differences in the way J characteristics are manifested in others, in particular, in my ESTJ father. When I focus on the details of things I'm a part of they are generally for things that are relatively short-term. Things like making sure all my coursework for a week is ready ahead of time, and remembering all I need to take to various events so I don't have to make multiple trips. However, my dad's J really comes out when he concerns himself with things so far in the future that my family knows we're going to hear about them every day until they actually come up. Trying to think more than a few months ahead (other than with important life decisions that must be thought of early on) on the planning of something only frustrates me. I'm sure with him this is a result of making our family is provided for, so it's certainly understandable. I don't think it would be so noticeable if he wasn't an E as well and feels the need to think out loud about his future plans and ideas, as well as his daily schedule, all of the time. :wink: No doubt I have moments where I wish I could plan out the rest of my life but that gets overwhelming fast and I push it back and force myself to focus on the more immediate things on my metaphorical plate, haha.

I say all of this to ask how you all function as a J type. Are you more set in a day to week planning frame of mind, or do you also feel the need to deal with all the details of plans in the distant future? What things do you focus on most with it? I'm sure we all plan and maintain order in our own ways, but I'm just curious how the rest of you do.
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You know what's crazy about this? I have an ESTJ friend who has exhibited behavior similar to your dad.

For example, in the past, we tried to meet up over a weekend (we live far away from each other). I sent him an email on a Monday asking him if there was a weekend over the next few months that would work for him. He said he was booked up mostly for the next few months, but if I was free the upcoming weekend he'd be up for it.

So basically, that meant that he was willing to accommodate me and change his plans for the short term, about five days in advance.

I couldn't meet up with him that weekend. We instead set a date about three months in advance. Two weeks before that weekend, he told me his plans had changed, but then asked me if I could do the weekend before the one we had planned. Yet again, he planned something in the long term, but didn't mind changing it when the short term time arrived.

So at this point I kind of thought he was a P, because he didn't seem to mind changing his plans as they came up.

Finally, another time I tried to set up something with him, but I waited until about a month in advance to contact him. When I did, he told me he was pretty much booked up for the next six months! That's when I totally saw his J come out.

Now, I'll be honest that it feels like a coincidence that both he and your dad are both ESTJ's. But it's an interesting thing to think about, at least. I don't see the connection at all, but is it possible that ISJ's and ESJ's have a different way of looking at this? Like I said, the idea doesn't seem to make sense because I see no reason for it to be the case, but it is kind of an interesting coincidence.
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