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Variations on J Types

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When I was first introduced to the MBTI the first thing I could say without a doubt was that I am a J through and through. Lately I've been seeing the subtle differences in the way J characteristics are manifested in others, in particular, in my ESTJ father. When I focus on the details of things I'm a part of they are generally for things that are relatively short-term. Things like making sure all my coursework for a week is ready ahead of time, and remembering all I need to take to various events so I don't have to make multiple trips. However, my dad's J really comes out when he concerns himself with things so far in the future that my family knows we're going to hear about them every day until they actually come up. Trying to think more than a few months ahead (other than with important life decisions that must be thought of early on) on the planning of something only frustrates me. I'm sure with him this is a result of making our family is provided for, so it's certainly understandable. I don't think it would be so noticeable if he wasn't an E as well and feels the need to think out loud about his future plans and ideas, as well as his daily schedule, all of the time. :wink: No doubt I have moments where I wish I could plan out the rest of my life but that gets overwhelming fast and I push it back and force myself to focus on the more immediate things on my metaphorical plate, haha.

I say all of this to ask how you all function as a J type. Are you more set in a day to week planning frame of mind, or do you also feel the need to deal with all the details of plans in the distant future? What things do you focus on most with it? I'm sure we all plan and maintain order in our own ways, but I'm just curious how the rest of you do.
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I definitely agree, my father's planning in this way has certainly paid off over the year. When I really sit down and think about it I do a good deal of long-term planning but my priorities for planning are, of course, very different from my father who is more than twice my age. Other than that, the difference is also pretty clear because of the extroversion, as I mentioned before. :wink:

I've also noticed some friends who have a line of "J-ness" that once they cross they just don't seem to care. Something like their room being unorganized bothers them until it get really out of hand and they just blow it off completely.

I'm definitely with you on assignments and things associated with school due to the effect I know they'll have on my future. However, little desire to plan out the things that I don't see as overly consequential . They go through my mind but I know if I give them to much thought I'll lose focus with things of greater importance.

Thanks for your all's imput!
I'm with you, Firedancer. I don't concern myself with the far future. That's just TOO many variables to deal with. And really, a lot of them can't be predicted. Sadly, I have a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants approach to long term planning, unless it specifically can be managed in the here and now in any appreciable way. I mean, I can appreciably plan my next few years in terms of courses and degree, and I can start networking for jobs after that, but how can I manage, and plan for a wife and kids? That kind of stuff just doesn't have a rigid enough structure to deal with effectively. You can't plan which house you are going to live in when you get enough money for it, either. Too much changing. So, why worry about it right now? One step at a time, right?
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