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Veg Diet Experiment

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Okay, so I decided that I will be vegan and sugar/alcohol free for a week to "cleanse" and then probably do vegetarian, supplemented with occasional fish, which would technically pescetarian.

~ No animal protein for 48 hours. My face already looks thinner (not in a bad way) and my eyes look unusually bright (not sure what that's about.) I seem to be constantly eating but am eating "healthy" foods and apparently losing visible body fat.

~ Wondering about cutting out dairy, even if I still ate eggs and fish. Guacamole is a great alternative to sour cream on Mexican food, almond rice and coconut milk are great milk replacements, and apparently nut cheeses have a much better flavor than soy cheese. I do like soy in the form of tofu and edamame, but the "faux dairy" soy products are totally yucky. That got me last time I tried to be vegan: I LOVE CHEESE. However, even if I was pescetarian cutting out dairy could potentially decrease my chances of getting sick, I think, as it creates mucus in the body among other things. I could at least keep cheese to a minimum, and skip milk altogether.

~ Doing this mostly for health and environmental reasons.

Will update thread again in a few days, and as I go along with this experiment. I've found some really satisfying forms of protein, and I love beans so I'm not concerned at all about iron.
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I often go meatless for a week at a time every now and then just to cleanse also. I admire people that are vegan for the cause, but I struggle with it because I love to eat everything. Seriously. I'm a human garbage disposal and it is really hard for me to find foods I don't like. Although, you might be right about some of the vegan faux cheese products. Not my favorite. Almond milk on the other hand, is the I'm addicted to it!

But yeah, I love doing it to give my body a break. Feels great. I like to drink pressed juices during these times. Beets, carrots, ginger, lemon, apples, yummmm..... I think I will have one of those this afternoon.

Good luck!
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