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Veg Diet Experiment

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Okay, so I decided that I will be vegan and sugar/alcohol free for a week to "cleanse" and then probably do vegetarian, supplemented with occasional fish, which would technically pescetarian.

~ No animal protein for 48 hours. My face already looks thinner (not in a bad way) and my eyes look unusually bright (not sure what that's about.) I seem to be constantly eating but am eating "healthy" foods and apparently losing visible body fat.

~ Wondering about cutting out dairy, even if I still ate eggs and fish. Guacamole is a great alternative to sour cream on Mexican food, almond rice and coconut milk are great milk replacements, and apparently nut cheeses have a much better flavor than soy cheese. I do like soy in the form of tofu and edamame, but the "faux dairy" soy products are totally yucky. That got me last time I tried to be vegan: I LOVE CHEESE. However, even if I was pescetarian cutting out dairy could potentially decrease my chances of getting sick, I think, as it creates mucus in the body among other things. I could at least keep cheese to a minimum, and skip milk altogether.

~ Doing this mostly for health and environmental reasons.

Will update thread again in a few days, and as I go along with this experiment. I've found some really satisfying forms of protein, and I love beans so I'm not concerned at all about iron.
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@fourtines Even if you consumed meat and dairy, the majority of the diet is somewhat meant to be what vegans already consume anyway; its meant to be as naturally as possible with minimum junk food (there is also vegan junk food and its equally as horrendous, there is a lot more to dietary science in truth). The whole notion that people who give up meat and dairy become healthier is misleading especially when factoring it the fact that some people were already living unhealthily eating shit, under consuming the majority of how recommended diet, probably not exercising or watching their calories too. If you are doing this because of PETA good luck... else don't fool yourself over "dietary benefits" if you want the true picture.
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So I've been eating vegetarian for the past week, and over the weekend I was on a yoga retreat so I ate totally vegan for like 72 hours (the vegan food was catered and included in the price of the retreat, so was really nutritionally well-balanced and borderline gourmet)...and I think, AGAIN, that eating too much dairy might be bad for me.

When I was eating vegan I noticed that I felt lighter, no matter what actual volume of food I ate, did not have the same heaviness in the digestive tract or indigestion.

However, after 72 hours, by lunchtime of the day after the retreat ended (today) I ate some cheese because I began to have the pervasive feeling that "something was missing."

When I say "something was missing" I mean missing in my body, like I needed more protein or something.

I think it's healthy for me to do vegan 2-3 days at a time, but not full-time. This feeling that something is missing is weird. Because I wasn't experiencing it at all in terms of flavor or quantity or satisfaction of meals. In fact, the vegan meals I had on the retreat were absolutely superb (things like green salads with massive amounts of veggies, fruit and/or nuts; portobello mushroom steaks with grilled onions and cashew butter v-"cheez"; potato and tofu moussaka with marinara; fresh made breads with Earth Balance spread and/or natural jams; homemade baked oatmeal and breakfast muffins with pumpkin nuts and raisins or bananas and chocolate; homemade granola; spicy vegan chili; chickpea and rice "soup for the soul"; green tea and raspberry birthday get the idea...)

So I think maybe I should cut out dairy but throw in protein like eggs and fish on some days? Because I just ate cheese and damn I feel heavy.
Trying a host of ethnic foods fruits and vegs as well as the stuff that is barely "processed" for cheapness will make you feel different.
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