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Veg Diet Experiment

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Okay, so I decided that I will be vegan and sugar/alcohol free for a week to "cleanse" and then probably do vegetarian, supplemented with occasional fish, which would technically pescetarian.

~ No animal protein for 48 hours. My face already looks thinner (not in a bad way) and my eyes look unusually bright (not sure what that's about.) I seem to be constantly eating but am eating "healthy" foods and apparently losing visible body fat.

~ Wondering about cutting out dairy, even if I still ate eggs and fish. Guacamole is a great alternative to sour cream on Mexican food, almond rice and coconut milk are great milk replacements, and apparently nut cheeses have a much better flavor than soy cheese. I do like soy in the form of tofu and edamame, but the "faux dairy" soy products are totally yucky. That got me last time I tried to be vegan: I LOVE CHEESE. However, even if I was pescetarian cutting out dairy could potentially decrease my chances of getting sick, I think, as it creates mucus in the body among other things. I could at least keep cheese to a minimum, and skip milk altogether.

~ Doing this mostly for health and environmental reasons.

Will update thread again in a few days, and as I go along with this experiment. I've found some really satisfying forms of protein, and I love beans so I'm not concerned at all about iron.
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CONGRATS! I hope you are pleased with the way you feel and look.

I've been a strict vegetarian about 4 years, and I go off and on vegan. And this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I am always full of energy, my skin never breaks out, my hair and nails are healthy, my immunity is high, and moods are regulated. But most importantly, it's made my mind and body a cohesive experience.

When first transitioning my diet, I also wanted a cleanse, (although I am a veggie for political reasons, the health of it is my second motivation) and I found at first my hair and skin actually looked worse. I began breaking out, and noticed more hair falling out in the shower. But what's important to note is this is just apart of the cleansing process. I've also found that cleansing shouldn't be an "every so often" thing; it should be ongoing. Cleanse everyday through eating lots of green and natural fresh vegetable fiber, and eating from quick to digest to long aka fruit, veggies, starch, then protein.

Being a vegetarian also means a whole world of colorful new foods and recipes you would've never thought to try are now your options. I think being experimental with soups is a great way to transition.

Also you can save a lot of money by making your own almond milk- google the recipe!

Best of luck.
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