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Anyone here like Venture Brothers? It's this Adult Swim cartoon that's basically about failure. The concept of the show is how a Johnny Quest type kid would grow up after a childhood of being a boy hero, which is basically hinted at as being "traumatized." The main characters at the beginning of the series are the sarcastic and bitter jumpsuit wearing Super-Scientist known as "Rusty" Venture(the former boy hero); his two sons Brock and Dean Venture; and their bodyguard, Brock Samson.

They're opposed by this butterfly themed villain who calls himself "The Monarch" who has a gf called "Dr.Girlfriend" who in fact has the voice of a man and is hinted to be a Shemale or something. He travels in some flying cocoon and delegates the attempted assassinations of the Venture family to his various minions who go by numbers and wear these lame butterfly costumes with a coloured domino mask over their eyes, a yellow one, and some red material over their actual eyes. One of the funny things about the show, is that both The Monarch and Dr.Venture are failures, yet Monarch hates Venture for some unknown reason, and part of this is hinted to be because they're related, and the Venture family just doesn't seem to get along well, only if they are related neither of them are aware of this fact.

Onto the purpose of this thread: from any season, guess the "type" of characters in the show.
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